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1.04 SWBS Chart and Reflection

No description

mattison kenerly

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of 1.04 SWBS Chart and Reflection

1.04 SWBS Chart and Reflection
President Andrew Johnson
Wanted: To reunite the Nation by including remission to all countries that swore loyalty U.S.

But: Radical Republicans thought he was being to sympathetic by letting the Confederate return to power.

So: The Republicans gain a hefty amount in both the House and Senate, and the congress started passing bills that would fix Reconstruction policies.
Radical Republicans
Wanted: Power over the reconstruction, and wanted the South to be severely punished.

But: Andrew Johnson vetoed the many bills that congress passed.

So: More and more republicans decided to join the radicals, this way it gave republicans the power in congress to override Johnson's vetoes.
Southern Democrats
Wanted: To remove all remaining Federal troops from the South and make a change in Congress.

But: They had to agree the decision of the commission and directive to make Rutherford B. Hayes the 19th President .

So: They accepted Rutherford as the President if he agreed to remove all remaining Federal troops from the South and name a Southern Democrat towards his own Cabinet.
Part 2
The major issue was between the radical faction of the Republican party and Non radical Republicans. Since Lincoln got assassinated, Andrew Johnson had to take, his actions were not liked or successful. I would say moderate because Lincoln wanted to bring the South back and his plans were more achievable.
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