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Tween Graphic Novel night trivia

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Transcript of Tween Graphic Novel night trivia

Tween Graphic Novel Trivia
This character has a recurring role helping the Pokedex holders in various quests.
a) Officer Kent
b) Madame Genre
c) Professor Oak
d) Kennedy Grey
Pokémon Adventures
Which of these is not a real Pokemon?
b) Farfetch’d
d) Bazingel
a) Growlithe
c) Unown
Who is the leader of Team Rocket?
a) Giovanni
b) Archer
c) Ariana
d) Carr
a) Giovanni
c) Professor Oak
d) Bazingel
My Little Pony
What is the name of the pony whose dream it is to one day meet and fly with the Wonderbolts?
a) Pinkie Pie
b) Scootaloo
c) Lavender
d) Rainbow Dash
d) Rainbow Dash
a) Discord
c) Nightmare Moon
In “The Return of Harmony,” the creature called ______ turns Ponyville upside down with his chaotic pranks.

b) Topsy Turvy Pony
d) Snorlax
a) Discord
What do you call a pony who has both wings and a magic horn?
a) Alicorn
b) Pegasus
c) Unicorn
d) Griffin
What game is Nate really good at?
a) Minecraft
b) Wheel of Fortune
c) Chess
d) Scrabble
Big Nate
What is Nate’s older sister’s name?
b) Emily
d) Ellen
a) Jessica
c) Elizabeth
What is Nate’s fortune cookie fortune in the first book?
a) You will have a perfect hair day
b) You have Cheez Doodle breath
c) Today you will surpass all others
d) Tomorrow you will win a contest
a) Alicorn
Who is the author of the popular Babymouse series of graphic novels?
a) Jennifer L. Holm
b) Alan Moore
c) Brian K. Vaughan
d) Ashley Spires
What is the name of Babymouse’s best friend?
b) Jenny
d) Stinky
a) George
c) Wilson
How many Babymouse graphic novels have been published as of today’s date?
a) 20
b) 10
c) 2
d) 52
c) Chess
d) Ellen
c) Today you will surpass all others
a) Jennifer L. Holm
c) Wilson
a) 20
Geronimo Stilton
Which newspaper is Geronimo the Editor of?
a) The Daily Cheese
b) The Rodent’s Gazette
c) The Mouse Island News
d) The Pirate Cats’ Press
b) The Rodent’s Gazette
What is Geronimo allergic to?
a) Bananas
c) Cinnamon
b) Cats
d) Ragweed
c) Cinnamon
How is Thea Stilton related to Geronimo? She is his:
a) Younger sister
b) Twin sister
c) Older sister
d) Cousin
a) Younger sister
What creature appears and saves Fone Bone from the “rat creatures” multiple times in the first book?
a) Possum
b) Dragon
c) Wolverine
d) Super Bone
b) Dragon
Where do the Bones come from?
a) New York
c) Bonetown
b) Skullington
d) Boneville
d) Boneville
How are the Bones related?
a) Brothers
b) Cousins
c) Clone Bones
d) Buddies
b) Cousins
What is the name of the 7th, and newest, Amulet volume?
a) Escape from Lucien
b) Dragon’s Keep
c) The Cloud Searchers
d) Firelight
d) Firelight
What is the main character’s name?
a) Emily
c) Cielis
b) Amulet
d) Leon
a) Emily
This important event takes place in the first book:
a) Emily and Navin run away
b) Karen is kidnapped
c) The amulet is stolen
d) A dragon appears
b) Karen is kidnapped
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