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1960's With NASA

No description

melissa larkin

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of 1960's With NASA

The 1960's
Echo 1, 1a, and 2 are launched
A tragedy at NASA
Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee pass away when fire engulfed the interior of their spacecraft during a launch rehearsal on February 21, 1967.
Project Gemini
Now that we had gotten a man in space, our new goal was getting to the moon and this was a step towards that goal with two man flights and have
our first space walk.
Breaking News
The Vietnam War
breaks out and the
nations youth is now
November 22 1963 President Kennedy is assassinated
End of the Era
Snoopy's creator has his WWI era sopwith Camel airplane to a rocket capable going to the moon
Space craft
Coca-cola introduces a new drink
Apollo Missions
We have now been to space, did a space walk, now it time to land on the moon before time is up for America.
The Mercury Missions
To get a man
in space
Crysta Bowyer
Our time in space
Space Race
In the 1960's Russia and the United States were having a race to get into space first, though they were first in space, we were the first on the moon.
The 7 men of the mercury mission and Their spacecraft

Alan Shepard Freedom 7
Gus Grissom Liberty Bell 7
John Glenn Friendship 7
Scott Carpenter Aurora 7
Wally Schirra Sigma 7
Gordon Cooper Faith 7
Deke Slayton
What was the goal of these missions?
After the launch of echo 1 and it failed they launched echo 1a and it was successful with transcontinental and intercontinental communication.
The New nine
Neil Armstrong
Frank Borman
Charles Conrad
James Lovell
James Mcdivit
Thomas Safford
Ed White
John Young
Elliot See
Elliot passed away four months before his launch in a plane crash
The spacecraft for the mercury missions was a cone shaped one manned spacecraft
There were 3 parts, the Command module, the service module and the lunar modual
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