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The Life Of Ponce De Leon

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kyasia johnson

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of The Life Of Ponce De Leon

The Beginning Of Ponce De Leon
Juan Ponce De Leon was born in 1460 and he was from Santervas De Campos , Spain.
Ponce Early Years
Governorship of Pureto Rico
He was governor of the eastern side of the country.Juan found gold in 1508 nearby Puerto Rico.During 1509 the struggle of Christopher Columbus son in the Spanish Crown.
The Mysterious Island
In March 1513 he named Florida meaning flowery in results to Lush floral vegetation since he discovered it at Easter time Pascua Florida [feast of flowers].
Searching For New Lands
In 1512, the king encouraged him to continue searching for new lands in hopes of finding more gold in expanding Spanish empire.
King Ferdinand
In 1514, he returned to Spain , where he married Leonora and had three children by her. Then he found out that king Ferdinand, had died he returned to Puerto Rico after 2 years staying in spain to secure his financial empire.
The Second Exploration Of Florida
In February, 1521 he left puerto rico and he went to the second exploration of Florida poorly organized trip landed some where on the western side of Florida. Pennisula, where it was soon attacked by the Calusa warriors. Ponce De Leon was shot poison arrow to his thigh. The expedition sailed back to Cuba, where he died in July 1521.
The Life Of Juan Ponce De Leon
In his early years he settled in Haiti and Dominican Republic. He produce livestock to Spanish ships returning home.
Ponce de leon was a product 0of his time,he was ambitious ,hardworking and ruthless, when the occasion called for.
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