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Ancient Chinese Food and Drink

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Eilidh Geddes

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Food and Drink

Ancient Chinese Food and Drink Rice Rice was one of the main foods in Central and
Eastern China. There is evidence of the farmers growing rice as early as 5000BC. The Chinese cooked the rice in boiling water or they made it into rice wine. Millet Rice doesn't grow in Northern China so the people gathered wild millet and started farming it by 4500BC. They ate it boiled and added milk to make a kind of porridge. Fruit and Vegetables The richer people had enough money to buy vegetables such as cabbage, peas, bamboo shoots, cucumber and bok choy. Also fruit like oranges, lemons, peaches and apricots. Meat On special occasions people used
to put little pieces of meat on
their rice. By 5500 BC the Chinese
were eating domesticated chicken.
By 4000 BC they were eating pork
and also around 4000 BC sheep
and cattle were being imported
from Asia. Diet The Chinese crushed soybeans and ate soybean oil for fat. Since meat was so expensive and Buddhists didn't eat it around 1000AD they used tofu and bean curd as a source of protein. Tea For drink in ancient China they mainly had tea. Although during the Han Dynasty millet wine was more popular to drink than tea. The Chinese are famous for tea and are believed to have been drinking it for thousands of years. Tea is so old that its original discovery can no longer be traced. Ice In winter the Chinese people would store ice blocks and then when it got hotter they would put it in rice wine to make it really cold. In the late Tang Dynasty, they started to sell ice cubes and they would add sugar in the ice to attract more customers. In the Northern Song Dynasty they started selling sweetened and iced cubes, and iced plum juice. From the Yuan Dynasty a new breakthrough brought about the appearance of ice cream.
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