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Edmodo vs. Schoology in the Classroom

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Hannah Moore

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo vs. Schoology in the Classroom

Edmodo vs. Schoology
Edmodo and Schoology Platforms
Social learning platforms used for connecting, sharing, and finding new resources.
Known as Learning Management Systems (LMS) to assist student learning that is easy to manage, inclusive, and accessible.
K-12 students
Teachers use these programs to teach online classes, supplement what they do in the classroom, review and learn new material, and to provide a more meaningful, engaging lesson or activity for their students.
Changing the way students are learning around the world by providing newly refined resources that make learning more engaging.
Edmodo vs. Schoology
Ways in which Learning Platforms
can be used in & out of the Classroom

Student writing projects
Language Practice
Mobile Learning
Communication outside of the classroom
"Teacher Lounge"
Educational Apps
Edmodo has been around much longer than Schoology.
Allows for the creation of small groups for group work or discussions.
Files have to be uploaded to the "backpack"
Quiz and assignment options are limited
Improving, but there are still limitations when it comes to the apps.
Assignments can be directly turned in to the teacher.
Photos and videos can be added to activities or assignments posted.
Students can turn in unfinished assignments then access their drafts at another time.
The apps are more intuitive, developed, and easier to use.
Advanced assessment tools
Self-created rubric
Educational apps to help teachers amplify their lesson plans
Everything from biology to poetry and grammar to fractions.
Common core aligned games
Classroom management tool
Apps are engaging and easy-to-use that meet a digital generation of students where they are.
Assessment building, scheduling tools and assignment boards.
Google Drive accounts
Connections with other educators
Free and available for all teachers and students internationally
Edmodo Apps
Schoology Apps
By: Hannah Grace Moore
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