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Elemental Human Resources Framework Intro

A short presentation that poses essential questions about competency development in education.

brady rhodes

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Elemental Human Resources Framework Intro

critical thinking reasoning compassion self-advocacy agency collaboration , persistence grit humility imagination self awareness happiness creativity courage sense of wonder humility altruism vulnerability joy empathy

What if they are

people have when they are busy

something else
And what if we could pinpoint what it was they were doing that gave them those experiences?
And what if the actions they were doing to have those sought-after experiences were self-authored: they had agency within the person internally, not from an external "you should do this" source?
And what if there was a simple framework that teachers
students could use to identify and then
practice those source
Such a framework could profoundly impact the world of education and
the world of learning.
It would help re-balance the knowledge-heavy environment currently in place.

We have such a framework.
Think about that for a minute...empathy, creativity, curiosity, etc., not as abilities to develop, but as an experience people have.

What if they are not
abilities, traits or qualities at all?
(hmm...that would mean we could examine and interact with the source...
(hmm...it would mean the motivation
could come from within...)
(hmm...that would be user-centered, interactive, and it would make building those competencies, those 21st Century "abilities/skills/dispositions" much easier)
Elemental Human Resources Framework
A simple framework to develop competencies needed in the 21st Century
Copyright 2015 BoldLeaders
Consider these traits or competencies of individuals that the world of education is paying attention to these days:
Human beings age and develop through all stages of life.
There is
physical development

as the body grows and declines.
There is
knowledge development
as we acquire information and build understanding of the
world around us.
This includes
knowledge: facts,
figures, cultural
systems, and transformational knowledge: big ideas such as the light bulb or the internet.
And there is
development of being
: who you are as a person. One might think of this as the self-aware and reflective nature of our being human.
At different times in the world of education, Knowledge and Being development could be said to be out of balance, with greater import placed on Knowledge. As the pendulum of educational reform continues swinging, more and more focus is being placed on developing qualities, traits and abilities that would support a better integration of the two (think 21st Century Learning!).

Much work and effort is going into finding ways to teach these abilities and build these traits.
We would like to
challenge an assumption
AND look in a different direction by
asking a different question
And what if the source actions were more easily defined and quantified?
(hmm...that would help us know what to pay attention to - we have been trying to find ways to assess empathy for 30 years!
That would mean that they have that experience because of what they were
at the time.

Learn more at www.boldleaders.org

We design and deliver innovative programming around the world to schools, communities and the workplace that engages people to creatively solve their most pressing challenges.

Bold Leader
is: one who chooses to move beyond the limiting parameters of what is commonly accepted in order to cause valuable perspectives to arise that were not apparent before.
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