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Unacknowledged Heroes & Heroines of WW11

No description

Ashley Hildebran

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of Unacknowledged Heroes & Heroines of WW11

Lived September 16, 1906 - March 8, 1996
British Army Officer
Longbow, bagpipes, and broadsword
Ambushed a German patrol
First to charge into battle against Nazis
Captured German observation post
Received Distinguished Service Order award
Unacknowledged Heroes & Heroines of WW2
Andrew Higgins
Lived August 28, 1886 - August 1, 1952
Invented Higgins boats
Naval design
Allowed for amphibious battles
Resulted in a strong workforce
"Andrew Higgins ... is the man who won the war for us" - Dwight Eisenhower
Alan Turning
Lived June 23, 1923 - June 6, 1954
Intelligent educator and mathematician
Basis for computer design
Enigma Code
Convicted for homosexuality

Oskar Schindler
Lived April 27, 1908 - October 8, 1974
Businessman and member of Nazi party
Spy for Germany
Obtained German Enamelware Factory
Protected Schindlerjuden
"Schindler's List"
Eileen Nearne
Lived March 16, 1921 - September 2, 2010
Undercover radio operator for SOE
Captured by Gestapo and tortured
Escaped Ravensbruck concentration camp
Never revealed information
Jack Churchill
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