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Technology Takeover

No description

Sara Alkadi

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover
Can you stay one day without using any of your technological devices?

However now the bullies are after you. Where ever you are they are with you. There's no escape,which have increased the rate of suicidal.
In the future people believed that bulling would actually reduce after all. There wouldn't really be human interactions and even if there is bullying, you can escape to your own world of games.
Is Technology Frying our Brain ?

In our high-tech era, the brain no longer has to work alone to advance to a higher level of functioning. Teens spend about 53 hours a week using their phones, hows the brain going to function. There's lower rate of of students
their education.
Before if you needed to talk to someone you had to meet them and say to them what ever you needed. Families and friend used to talk and learn from each other new things.
In the future if you want talk to someone, the person who you are talking wouldn't paying attention to what you are saying because they are busy doing something else.
When radios were invented in the 1930s people were worried when kids started listening to the radio while doing their homework. However, people used to use their brain to do math and used books to search for answers. Basically our brain was doing all the things that it's suppose to do.
Since the brain won't function the way it should, in the future we will actually be brainless. If you have a question you will straightly search it up without brainstorming or do any work that actually requires thinking.
In the past people used to go out talk to each other. In other words they'd just simply go out with their friends talk, go with the flow and have fun.
Now having fun is staying in front of an electronic device use social media to connect with friend and probably go on Netflix to watch what ever you heart desires or play video games.
In the future fun will probably be playing reality games which takes place in both reality and virtual reality world than on experiences in the real world.
Before you might have been bullied in school and then go home and rest for a while and make your self forget about the situation. There was an escape.
Life may have been hard in the past but some how it was better. Even though people had hard time researching, working and doing many other things, they still had more fun and a whole lot more experience.
But That's My Job!
In the past people didn't really need education to get a job. They weren't even required to go to college for a good job. However, there was enough jobs for everyone.
In the future there wouldn't be any jobs left for people. Robots will take good care of all the jobs that human are suppose to do and do it for them which means that you need to have your own business or there's a big chance you'll be living in the street if you don't get the right education now.
Many people are losing their job because of new technologies that are invented which makes some people keep money for their self and some left without a job and in need to find a new one.
Now everything got a lot easier which is making us lazier and have lack of knowledge we could go to Wiki and get all the information we need while our brain just sits and rests.
In the future things would become even more easier then now. Robots will do everything for us such as drive our cars, do our chores.

What is the estimate hours of teens spending their time staring at their phone in a week?
A) 53 hours
B) 43 hours
C) 34 hours
D) 63 hours
When were radios invented?
A) 1800
B) 1930
What are some ways that you believe technology harms us ? What do you think about our project? What are somethings you like and things you think we could've done better?
List at least two jobs that humans may lose to robots.
Technology is improving every single day. It is becoming more advanced. As the world of technology grows, we humans enjoy it more and more. This results us spending more time using it. It's
our lives without us even realizing it day after day.
How Have Technology Changed Us
Before people used to be independent. They did everything on their own.They'd trust their minds and what they believe they are capable of doing.
Now phones keep us occupied. When we hangout with our friends we usually just stay together either text or watch a movie we don't talk just sit and talk face to face.
When radios were invented in the 1930s people were worried when kids started listening to the radio while doing their homework. They believed that radios were distracting them from doing homework.
They were right to be worried now when ever kids are doing homework they keep on checking their social media apps. which results us spending more me trying to do home work.

In the future as technology progresses there will be more distraction. Kids will spend most of their time using electronic devices instead of trying to
in their education . We are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction where we are increasingly disconnected from the people and events around us.
Our Addiction
Today's kids vs kids in the past
Mom can we please go outside and play we are bored?
Now we are some how both dependent and independent we use our mind for certain things and our devices for certain things.
Jobs That Humans may lose to Robots or Machines
* Teachers
* Store clerks
* Lawyers
* Pharmacists
* Drivers
* Soldiers
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