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Brady Dollyhigh

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of ARES, GREEK GOD OF WAR

Ares' Personality
Ares' personality was very extreme. He was always trying to cause wars and often times succeeded. He loved war for the sake of war. He was very violent and found delight in manslaughter. For this reason many gods/goddesses did not like Ares. However, one goddess in particular did like Ares. Her name was Aphrodite. He loved her too, but she was forced to marry another god. This did not stop them from loving each other though. They had a secret love affair. Ares was never known to be loyal to anything. He would join wars and take sides, however, if the side he was fighting for was losing, he would always switch to the winning side. He was very determined yet uncivilized. Ares was said to be a coward. Every time he got hurt he would run away. He is depicted as "mature looking", but acted nothing like it. He was impulsive, bloodthirsty, and always took place in a fight no matter the consequences. Ares is also portrayed as a ruthless, blood hungry curse of the mortals, but is also a coward.
Ares: The Greek God of War
Ares' Physical Appearance
It is not clear what Ares actually looked like. He is commonly depicted as a mature looking, bearded warrior in battle arms. Sometimes he is portrayed as a nude, beardless youth with a helm and spear. He was a good looking man in the prime of life. Ares is described as a tall man with broad shoulders and a large build. He was a simple warrior with swift feet.
Ares was the Greek God of War and Violence; he was the son of Zeus and Hera. He dedicated his life to wars, fights, and making people crave strength, muscles, and hotheadedness. Many mortals and gods disliked him.
Symbols of Ares
The Spear: Ares' main symbol was the spear. He usually had one, and used it during wars and battles. It was always bloodstained, and was his weapon of choice.
Chariot: This was
what Ares rode into battle. His was made out of gold and was a sign of wealth, honor, and power.
This animal represents Ares because it is wild and aggressive just like him. He is said to like boars because of their hostility and fighting spirit.
Myths about Ares: 1
"The Binding of Hera"
When the god Hephaestus was born, Hera threw him off of Mount Olympus in disgust. He sent gifts up to Olympus including a golden throne for Hera. When she sat in the throne, it immediately bound her to it. None of the gods or goddesses could free Hera. They suggested that Hephaestus might be persuaded to undo his workmanship. She offered Aphrodite as a bride to anyone who could get her out. Ares attempted to bring his brother back by force, but Hephaestus beat him off with flaming shards of metal. Dionysos recommended that Hephaestus come back willingly to claim Aphrodite as his bride. He did, but Ares and Aphrodite were not pleased. This is how their famous love affair began.
Myths about Ares: 2
"Ares and the Giants"
Twin giants, The Aloadae, attempted to invade Mount Olympus by stacking three Greek mountains on top of each other (Pelion, Olympos, and Ossa). Ares tried to stop them, but he was defeated and taken hostage. He was held captive for 13 months in a bronze jar until Hermes helped him escape. Later on, Artemis darted between the Aloadae posing as a deer. They both aimed their spears towards her but they missed and ended up killing each other.
Thank you for watching this presentation! We hope you enjoyed it! :)
By: Kristen Wedegis and Brady Dollyhigh
laughtered for fun
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