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Ahora NEX

No description

Daniela Laura Gonzalez

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of Ahora NEX

Producers and Creators
Main Actor: Grant Gustin
Reasons to Watch The Flash
Premiere Date: October 7, 2014
Premiering Tuesdays at 8/7 C on the CW

1. It is for everyone, not only comic book fans.
2. Starts off action-packed unlike most pilots.
3. Adapted from the comics but it has a fresh take on it.

Greg Berlanti
Executive Producer
Known for: Arrow (executive producer), Green Lantern (screenplay writer)
Multi-Year Hit
Spin-off series of the popular TV show, Arrow
appeal to a large demographic
pre-premiere hype
DC Comic Franchise
The Flash Trailer
Kelly Liang, Vicky Jiang. En Zheng
Geoff Johns
Executive Producer
Known for: Arrow (writer), Young Justice (co-creator)

Jon Wallace
Associate Producer
Known for: Arrow ( Associate Producer), Las Vegas , The Whole Truth
Andrew Kreisberg
Known for: Arrow (Producer), Boston Legal (Producer)
Main Actress: Candice Patton
Role: Iris West ( daughter of Detective West, the best friend of Barry Allen)
Previous Work : The Game ( Tori ), About a Boy ( Veronica ),Make Up ( Dana ), Love Bites ( Liz Beth )
Personal Information : Scouted by The Young and the Restless for a CBS Soap Star Contest and flew out to Los Angeles to briefly join the cast.
Role: Barry Allen/ The Flash ( assistant police forensic investigator who gets in an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs and gains superhuman speed)
Previous Work: Left school to be on Broadway's Revival Tour of West Side Story as Baby John, Debuted on the series Glee as Sebastian Smythe
Show Summary: The Flash
The show revolves around Barry Allen, a forensic scientist, who had an accident at the S.T.A.R. lab and develops super speed which he uses to help others. He becomes a superhero and is now known as The Flash.
New series about a social media superstar

An American criminal drama on it's 12th season
On: Fox
15 pioneering Americans move to an isolated location to create their own civilization
The Voice
An American reality TV singing competition
Lead In: Two and a Half Men
Lead Out: Supernatural
Brothers that are living together and are total opposites. The only thing they have in common is they hate their mother. They are also living with one of the brothers son.
Two brothers that are set out to find their missing father and finds out that their mother who died 22 years ago was killed by something supernatural, a demon.
Ford Motor Company
Windows 8
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