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Shift To Governance

No description

Briana Mercado

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Shift To Governance

Sources are naturally replenishable alternatives for conducting energy production.
In addition these alternatives are from a source that is not depleted when used.
Sunlight, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat constitute common renewable energy sources; that have been used to replace conventional fuel sources.
Renewable Energy
Shift To Governance
The shift of governance for energy use in Wisconsin is beneficial because it brings more actors into play. These actors contribute other energy alternatives that many do not offered. One example for this is the building Energy Codes Program their job is conduct analysis for the department of energy. Through the program’s analysis they found out that the state is behind on standard building codes.This is a big problem, it affects many people in the state, especially business owners “ Energy cost savings for Wisconsin Resulting from the state updating its building energy codes in accordance with federal law are significant, estimated to be on the order of nearly $170 Million annually by 2030”.This is a thorough example that one actor cannot be a key part in governing energy use. The use of multiple actors within Wisconsin contribute with using different alternatives from helping the community install solar panels and provide transportation alternatives.

Energy Codes Program

· Networks and markets are the best things that we have.
· Governance is about evolution, not revolution.
· Getting the mix of approaches right is critical.
· Governance requires political vision.
· Governance is about learning.
· Duality of structure is critical.
· Governments matter.
· Hybrid institutions are critical in coordinating action across sectors.
-Governance Problems

8 Hypothesis of Governance

Incorporating state, Non-State actors, stakeholders, institutions, businesses, NGO's , networks, SURAP, Civil society , international scientific advisory bodies and sub national actors.
Shift to Governance
1.) Encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy, incorporating positive motives to business.
2.) Flexibility for financing and implementing of clean energy projects.
3.) Educate energy sustainability utility and input of progress the improvement of main purpose.
-Refresh MKE
Refresh MKE Goals
ReFresh MKE and ME2
Attractive Loans
Milwaukee Shines
"The success of governance depends on the ability to adapt to changes through a process of learning, both science and capitalism have problems dealing with non-linear changes, as cost-benefit analysis and traditional forms of resource management are base on the concepts of equilibrium and engineering resilience." (J.P Evans)
Collaborate and Participate
Non-profit organizations are important to society because they offer initiative, valuable resources, and ideas. take bublr for example, they offer new types of sustainable public transportation
Importance of Non-Profit
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