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Vienna - Billy Joel

No description

Caroline Chambers

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Vienna - Billy Joel

The time signature is 4/4 and with the quater note getting the beat. The melody is primarily eighth notes.
The rhythm captures the feel of the music by its quick pace that represents the rushing of the child.
The texture of the music is homophonic because only one person is singing with one melody.
The elements of texture used are vocals and a piano.
The texture captures the music of the song by having a reflective tone to convey the meaning of the song.
The harmony is perfomed by the piano, playing several notes to make the harmonies, with the guitar focusing on chords.
The chord progression is Gm Bb F Ab and Eb.
Vienna - Billy Joel
Billy Joel sings the melody.
The contour of the song remains in middle range and stays within the octave, only changing keys once.
The melody is somber and reflective (in minor) capturing the the emotions of the song.
Secondary melody is the piano part which come in the begining and return underneath Billy at times. It is more up beat and jazzes the piece a bit.
Music Analysis
The meaning of the song is to give insight on slowing down in life and knowing you will have time for whatever you want to accomplish. Billy Joel gives this advice by saying, "Slow down you crazy child... you're so ambitious for a juvenile."
Billy Joel uses Vienna as a symbol for the future. He is telling the audience that they will have time for their future when it comes to them. He says, "you can't be everything you wanna be before your time."
Vienna - Billy Joel
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