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Year 5 Science

Paul Hopp

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Light

Light is Energy That Travels Freely Through Space
Light is the Fastest Moving Thing in the Universe
Light Slows Down When it Passes Through an Object
Light Travels in a Straight Line
Light Can Change Direction
Anything that Illuminates is Light
What is Light??
Travels at
186,282 Miles Per Hour
Natural Light
Artificial Light
We Need Light to See
Light Bulbs
Black Light
Light Allows Us to Time Travel
Transparent materials allow light to travel through them. We can see clearly through transparent materials like water and glass.

Translucent materials allow light to come through but we cannot see through it.

Opaque objects do not let light travel through them. These objects create shadows on a sunny day.
Light Can't Pass Through Everything
is when light waves are bent or made to change direction while passing through something; like water
How Does a Rainbow Work?
To see a Rainbow you
must have . . .


Pioneer Portraits
Reflect the Light Experiment
6 Mirrors


1 Small Piece of Paper

1 Laser pointer
You will use laser and white light.
Which do you think will reflect best?
Do your experiment (You can do this
on a table or with your group holding the mirrors at their waists.
What happened?
Light Particles Start in the Core of the Sun
It takes 1 million years for the particles to
reach the Sun's surface
When we look up at the stars, we are looking millions
and billions of years back in time.
Light Travels on Forever,
Until it is Absorbed
Science Story Time
Spinning Color Wheel
I follow you around in the light, I say good bye to you in the night? Who am I?
Look at the picture below. How many types of light
do you see??
Lets make a rainbow
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