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John Steinbeck

No description

Yassmen El-Kulak

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck
1st novel
1929 1st novel Cup of Gold written
May 28 1935 -Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat was written
Short Stories
September 1938 -The Long Valley, a collection of short stories, is published.
December 20, 1968 - Steinbeck died of a heart attack.
February 27, 1902 - John Steinbeck was born.
Steinbeck graduates from Salinas High School, enrolls at Stanford University and does migrant work at farms, ranches, shops, or factories.
High School
November 1925 - Steinbeck leaves Stanford without a degree and starts writing in New York City.
After college
1926 -Steinbeck returns to California and works as a handyman at a resort.


January 14, 1930 -Steinbeck marries Carol Henning and they live in a cottage owned by his father in Pacific Grove California
October 1936 -
In Dubious Battle
published along with a series called “
Harvest Gypsies”
-February 6, 1937
Of Mice and Men
-November 23, 1937 -Stage Adaptation for
Of Mice and Men
opens in New York
Of Mice and Men
-April 14, 1938 -Grapes of Wrath is published.
-1940 -Steinbeck receives the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for Grapes of Wrath. He also goes on a marine expedition for 6 weeks with his friend Ed Ricketts.

Grapes of Wrath
November 18 1941 -Steinbeck makes a documentary about Mexico called The Forgotten Village
1941 -The Sea of Cortez, a travelogue from Steinbeck’s expeditionis published. Steinbeck separates from his wife + moves to New York with Gwyndolyn Cogner.
The Moon is Down is published and two months later the stage version opens in New York.
March 1942
March 29 - Steinbeck divorces Carol and marries Gwyndolyn and soon goes to Europe and North Africa to write about WWII for the
New York Herald Tribune.
September 1939 - WWII begins
October 1929 - Stock Market Crashes.
1930's Dust Bowl
February 1931 - Food Riot. (People steal food.)
November 1932 - Franklin D Roosevelt elected.
January 2 - Cannery Row published.
August 2 - Thomas Steinbeck is born.
June 12 - John Steinbeck IV Born.
Steinbeck travels to Russia as a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune and publishes
The Wayward bus
The Pearl.
Steinbeck's friend Ed Ricketts dies in a car accident. Steinbeck's wife leaves him. He published a Russian Journal about his travels and is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters
Dec 28, 1950 -Steinbeck married Elaine Anderson Scott.
September 1952 -East of Eden is published.

April 1961 -
The Winter of Our Discontent
, is published.
1962 -
Travels with Charley
, a memoir for his road trip across America, is published (Charley was his poodle) .
October 25, 1962 -Steinbeck receives the Nobel Prize for literature.

October 1963 -Steinbeck tours Western Europe with the US Information Agency.
September 14, 1964 -Steinbeck receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Lyndon B. Johnson.
October 12, 1966 -
America and Americans
, a book of photographs and a few essays, is published. This is Steinbeck's last book.
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