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Charlottesville High School Athletics

No description

Joella Matheny

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of Charlottesville High School Athletics

Charlottesville High School Athletics

What is a Concussion?
It is a Brain Trauma.
Concussions are caused by a blow to the head or BODY that cause the brain to shift rapidly within the skull.
All concussions are serious, even "getting your bell rung."
The Sports Concussion Institute estimates that 10% of athletes in contact sports suffer a concussion each season.
Loss of Consciousness occurs in less than 10% of concussions.
Headache is the most common symptom and may be seen in up to 70% of concussions.
Concussions are not an injury to the "structure" but rather the "metabolic" (or chemical) processes of the brain.

CT scans & MRI's are not useful in identifying a concussion.
These tools are helpful in ruling out other significant concerns such as skull fractures, or bleeding in the brain.
Signs and Symptoms
Signs you may notice that could indicate your child has a concussion.
dazed or confused
struggles with simple instructions
no short term recall
clumsy or disoriented
slow to answer questions
more emotional
does not recall events around the injury
Symptoms your child may complain about if he/she has sustained a concussion
headache or feeling of pressure
any kind of vision problems
feeling dizzy or in a fog
light or noise sensitivity
ringing in the ears
problems concentrating
Concussions that have not healed completely can lead to a more catastrophic injury.

This is called
Second Impact Syndrome...
occurs when there is a second injury to the brain before complete healing of the first injury.
Second Impact Syndrome...
can cause

Second Impact Syndrome...
is seen more often with adolescent athetes due tol lack of reporting the initial injury.
Athletes will usually collapse within minutes of the second impact.
Neurological Testing
CHS completes a baseline test on all contact athletes.
Once they have an initial test it is repeated every other year or after a reported/diagnosed concussion.
The online test evaluates the following...
reaction time
non verbal problem solving
attention span
All baseline results are unique to the individual.
Once a concussion is suspected or reported, a trauma test is completed.
Trauma test results will be compared to the baseline data.
Negative scores indicate there has been some form of brain trauma (concussion).

Monitor your child for at least 24 hours for more serious symptoms.
Inform your child's Athletic Trainer and Coach.
Help your child rest his/her brain by keeping them home from school, limiting TV, Video Games, Texting, Homework, etc.

At Home...
Limit all stimulation or strain on the brain
video games
loud social activities

Eliminate all situations that might lead to a second injury to the brain.

Return to Academics

Your child should not return to school until symptoms are minimal or gone.
Your child should have a gradual return as tolerated
Half days at first or permission to lay down in the nurses office as needed
Extra time on test or assignments
Reduce time spent on the computer

Return to Play
Requirements for CHS
Out a minimum of one week after symptoms have subsided.
Completed the online follow-up test & scores have returned to baseline.
Obtained & submitted a medical release from a physician
Completed & passed the graduated return to play protocol, supervised by the Athletic Trainer.
Graduated Return to Play Protocol
Day 1 - Asymptomatic at rest
Day 2 - Light cardio
Day 3 - Non-contact training drills
Day 4 - Sport specific drills
Day 5 - Full return to practice
Day 6 - Full return to competition
The state of Virginia requires that each school provides concussion education to parents as well as obtain acknowledgment that the information was received.

Please complete the online athlete registration form that can be found on
under the 'more' tab and then under 'athletic online registration'.
Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CHS Athletic Trainer at mathenj1@charlottesvilleschools.org
Follow up with a physician immediately if:
severe or worsening headache
worsening of any signs/symptoms
Unequal pupils
loss or change in consciousness
If you suspect a Concussion...
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