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How do relationships between individuals affect business?

No description

matt brown

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of How do relationships between individuals affect business?

Freelance web designer/graphic designer
Lots of interpersonal communication.
Verbal Communication: Written
Barriers of Communication
How do relationships between individuals affect business?
Verbal Communication: Spoken
Matt Brown
Human Com 1101
Nonverbal Communication
Barriers of Communication cont.
Closer you are to someone, the more barriers to business communication.
It's not impossible, just more complex.
Suing your parents is awkward.

I'm Matt Brown
participation equalization effect:
"...in initial interactions, people communicating electronically participate more equally presumably because the status cues that would normally make reticent members inhibited are not present."(Trenholm,2013,p. 191).
Barriers of Communication. N.d. Web. 28 Mar. 2015. <http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-we-j_yqqFhM/UWqxCDjA3BI/AAAAAAAAAH0/EF92o49-t8A/s1600/Barriers+of+Communication.gif>.
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Client Friend/Family
Client Friend/Family
Client Friend/Family
Client Friend/Family
Issues both face
Least amount of barriers.
Only things connecting you is business relations
The only thing the person has to focus on is business

Working with a person you are close to causes more barriers to effective communication
Emotions can get in the way of getting work down
Personal conflicts can come into the workplace

Barriers: attitudes that impede our ability to communicate clearly with one another(Trenholm,2013, p. 327).
Rapport talk: intimate contexts.
Report talk: public situations (Trenholm,2013, p.86)
Assumption of similarity a refusal to see true differences where they exist. (Trenholm, 2013,p. 337).
The systems in place are created at the start
Everything must be in writing and agreed upon to limit dispute.
Much harder to create a contract with someone
Trust is usually expected to replace a contract
More difficult to bring up issues; suing your family is awkward.
“Misspelling, poor grammar, lack of organization, distracting graphics, and links that do not work suggest carelessness and a lack of professionalism that may carry over into content.” (Trenholm, 2013 p.53)
Jargon special or technical words used by
members of professions. (Trenholm, 2013, p. 72)

The only way they know you is through your business.
Every word you say to them has a giant impact.
They expect a product/service from you and to pay for it.

More causal and relaxed
Interviewing stage is usually skipped
100% business talk is usually possible since other topics factor in also

is study of time as it affects human behavior. (Trenholm,2013, p.114)
is the study of body movement (including movement of the face and eyes). (Trenholm, 2013, p.107)
is the study of the sounds that accompany words. (Trenholm, 2013, 112)

Time frames are crucial
Eye contact
How something is said can mean more than what you say
Time frames are lenient and usually not written down
Facial expressions do not make or break the business deal (on both ends)
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