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Novel Annotations

How to annotate your novel

Aulander Skinner

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Novel Annotations

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 is simple summary/ paraphrasing •Write down explanations of, predictions about, or reactions to the story’s events as you read.
•Circle the names of new characters and draw a box around any physical descriptions of the characters.
•Highlight or underline any important, revealing, or particularly well-written passage. is noting the main
idea or themes •Come up with a title for each chapter. Explain how it connections with the main idea of the chapter.
•Comment on the themes as you come across them. Explain how they are universal
is noting subtext •Style Devices (Pink Post-its) –explain metaphors, symbols, etc.
•Author Connections (Blue Post-its) – comment where you see
links to the author’s life or historical events.
•Your Life (Green Post-its) – comment where you see similarities
between characters and events in the story and your own feelings
or experiences. Novel
Annotation Ms. T. Elliott Read “on the line, between the lines, and off the line” (Villareal, Elizabeth. “One Method for Close Reading.” AP English Language and Composition, Session 62. San Antonio: College Board AP English Conference: 2008). ?
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