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Case Study II-4

No description

Rebecca Fernandez

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Case Study II-4

SWOT Analysis Internal External Strengths Opportunities Threats Question 1: What are
the keys to Cliptomania's
success? Niche Market
Service Oriented
Excellent relationships with Vendors
Web Technology Question 2: Do a SWOT analysis for Cliptomania. Identify Cliptomania's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Question 3: Describe the difficulties of selling internationally on the Web. Question 4: Why did Cliptomania's relevancy rankings on Google fall off the map when they changed the URL from cliptomania.com to cliptomania.net? Question 5: Why is it important that a web store manager understand how the search engines determine the relevancy of a site? Different Languages
Shipping Costs
Extra Taxes & Duty Costs
Security Issues (Mexico)
Verifying the Credit Cards
Delivery Guarantees PageRank Technology
Hypertext-Matching Analysis To maintain a position at the top of the rankings on the search results pages Weaknesses Niche Market

Entreprenual Mindset


Willing to Learn

Financially Responsible

Customer Service Lack of Vendors in beginning


Technology Issues

Possible Overstock of Dated Products

Appearance of Web Site Possible Expansion in Product Lines

Possible Expansion in Foreign Markets

Expansion to Mobile Technology Increased Competition

Intangible Fees

Changing Web Technology

Potential for Fraud - Risks Case Study II-4:
The Cliptomania Web Store:
An E-Tailing Start-up Survival Story 1999 November: Started company with
$10,000 investment from savings

Yahoo! Store: $100 per month

Paymentech: Validate credit cards 2002 Family moved to Indiana

Candy went full-time June: 5th largest jewelry store
in gross sales on Yahoo!

Started exclusive product line

5-Star rating from Yahoo! based
on customer feedback 2003 2004 Changed from Paymentech
to Nova New Web service provider
Cliptomania.net 2006 2007 Sales of $500,000

3 Full-time and several
part-time employees http://www.cliptomania.com/ Phillip Cardinal ~ Maureen Clay ~ Rebecca Fernandez Test
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