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Freak the Mighty: Theme

The theme of both the book and movie freak the mighty.

Awesome Anna Comstock

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty: Theme

Table of Contents
1) Defintions
2) Predicted Theme
3) Book Theme
4) Movie Theme
5) Theme Comparison
6) Additional Themes
7) Important Quotes
8) Thanks

By Anna C., Madeleine K., Matias J., Anthony M., and Annie L.
Definition of Theme
The theme is the topic, subject, or principle (lesson/moral) of a piece of writing.

Example: The
of her speech was equal rights for all Americans.
Predicted Theme
At the beginning of the book, we thought that the theme was about friendship, and that it comes in all shapes, sizes, and places. We thought that because Freak is really short and super smart, while Max is huge and not so bright, and despite that they are friends.
Book Theme
The theme of the book was that friends don't last for ever so make the most of the time you have. We think this is the theme because Freak dies and all Max has left of him are the memories of him and their grand adventures (quests.)
Movie Theme
Theme Comparison
Additional Themes
Important Quotes
Thank You!!!
2) "The stars are just an old rerun. Lot's of them have already flickered off, someday they all will flicker out and the show will be over" - Freak
The theme of the movie was that friends are important, because Freak and Max both helped each other out a lot. Also, the theme was to be careful who you trust. Max trusted his dad, but he kidnapped Max, killed his Max's mom, strangled Loretta, and nearly killed Max himself.
Both the theme in the movie and the book had to do with friendship. The book had more of the "Enjoy life while you have it" While the movie had more to do with trust.
There were many additional themes in both the movie and the book. Some of them are listed below.
Don't judge people by there cover. Just because they look scary doesn't mean they are (like Max).
If you try, you can remember or do anything.
You are your own person. You aren't your mom or your dad. You are yourself.
the book
the movie
1) "Nothing's a drag kid, nothing's a drag"
- Lorretta Lee
4) "His heart was simply too big for his body."- The Fair Gwen
5) "Every word is part of a picture, every sentence is a picture. all you do, is put them together." -Freak
3) "There's a place I go in my head sometimes. It's cool, and you float like a cloud. No, you are a cloud."- Max
6) "We're Freak the Mighty. if you hadn't noticed, we are 9 feet tall." - Freak
7)“Sure it will hurt. But so what? Pain is just a state of mind. You can think your way out of anything, even pain.” - Freak
what up?

Hug the whole world!

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