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R Young

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Instruments

of the
An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains 5 different families of instruments: strings, brass, woodwind, untuned percussion and tuned percussion
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
The String
The violin is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the string family.

The viola is slightly larger than a violin and it has a deeper sound
The cello is higher pitched and smaller than the double bass. It is played sitting down. A cello is usually played with a bow and the cellist sits down
Double Bass
The double bass is the biggest and lowest pitched instrument in the string family.
The woodwind

The piccolo is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the woodwind family. It is one octave higher than the flute.
The flute is larger and is an octave lower than a piccolo. Unlike the other members of the woodwind family the flute and piccolo are reedless.
The clarinet is a medium pitched in instrument which uses a single reed.
The oboe is a medium pitched instrument which uses a double reed.
The saxophone uses a single reed (like the clarinet) and it is the second lowest instrument in the woodwind family
The bassoon is the largest and lowest pitched instrument in the woodwind family. It also uses a double reed.
The Brass

The trumpet is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the brass family. It changes notes by pressing down different combinations of the three valves on the instrument.
French horn
The french horn is bigger and lower in pitch than the trumpet and it uses valves too
Slide Trombone
The trombone is lower than a french horn but higher than a tuba. It doesn't have valves it has a slide which it uses to glide between notes. A glissando is the definition of the slide gliding from one note to another.
The tuba is the biggest and the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family. It is played using valves.
Untuned percussion
Drum kit
A standard drum kit is usually made up of a bass drum, a floor tom, a snare drum, hanging toms, a hi-hat, a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal, a splash cymbal and a china cymbal
They are shaken usually in pairs
They are held between the fingers and thumb and made to click together.

A tambourine is made up of a small 'drum head' with jingling disks fitted into the rim, usually played by shaking and hitting.
Tuned percussion
A piano is made up of a manual keyboard which powers hammers that strike wire strings, producing sounds

A xylophone is made of wooden bars. It is played with hard beater which hit of the wooden bars to produce a note.
A glockenspiel is made of metal bars. It is played with hard beaters or small hammers which hit of the metal bars to produce a note.
Tubular bells
Tubular bells are made up of tuned metal tubes which are suspended vertically and struck with a hammer to create a sound
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