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Alternative Perspectives

No description

Zack Krueger

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Perspectives

Alternative Portfolio
Final Crisis
My SSR novel is a prime example of alternative perspectives. The main theme of the novel was how the link between the fifty-two different universes was being destroyed, causing chaos. The universes themselves are where the alternative perspectives can be found.

Each universe is like its own different look at the first one. This is like how if we were to all look at a sentence and write our own story off of it. The end result would be many perceptions of the meaning of the sentence, with many unique stories.
Kite Runner
Helped me gain a view into the way that Afghanistan really is, instead of the more racist way that today's culture has built in most of us.
Amir and Hassan create the biggest alternative perspectives comparison in the book, especially when their brotherhood is presented later.
Life Of Pi
The ideas of the time this was written creates the contrast between what we find normal now and they found average then.
When writing plays, Shakespeare had to take in the backgrounds of all the audience members. This included everything from royalty to the commoners in the pits.
Alternative Perspectives
What is alternative perspectives? To me, it is looking at something from multiple points of view with experiences influencing the view of each individual.
By: Zackariah Krueger
Slower reader, as I like to get take my time and enjoy the book as much as possible.
Sometimes have to reread parts because I drift off while reading.
Not good at sticky noting while reading.
Like to ad all genres.
Good Vocabulary that helps with comprehension of text.
If i don't know a word or want more background on part of a story, i will look it up and read about the subject to understand more.
What I've Learned
I have gained the ability to read books that I do not care for, as before I would just put it down and pick another.
Also, I now can find the deeper meaning through looking at literature's literary devices.
I have also learned that procrastinating to read a book is not a good idea.
Helped to show me how all religions are similar, and how they can all bring you closer to God.
The best example of alternative perspectives is the end of the story.
Good at mixing up my language to avoid repetition.
Like to write creatively.
Have a strong vocabulary that helps in expressing myself
Once I get on a roll I can write a whole story or essay quickly.
Need to improve on transitions.
Not good at speling.
Have major cases of writer's block.
Usually have trouble starting any work.
Inconsistencies in work if I do it in parts
What I've Learned
Have improved vocabulary with Word of the Day.
Tool Sharpening helped with my sentence structure and punctuations, taking my writing to the next level.
Good Communicator.
Like to use hands to help express myself.
Good Listener.
Speaking in front of people.
Trying to formulate the ideas to express in an appropriate manner.
Can zone out while people are talking and are uninteresting.
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