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No description

Earl Potters

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Morocco

Our Beautiful Journey
Our first day in Marrakech
Our second day in Marrakech
It was Christmas eve. We slept till mid-day. My mom and I went for a walk outside our hotel because our hotel had walls. Not very big walls but walls. We then came upon some small arabic girls that lived in a hut/slum. They tried to talk to us but they could only speak french. I felt so bad about not paying attention in french class because I couldn't say one word of french.

We left and went back to the hotel. We then relaxed by the pool and took the 6:30 shuttle to Marrakech. It was amazing.

We met someone called Mohamad. He was born in Marrakech. He has a wife and three children, 10, 4 and one that is 2 months old. He lives with his mother who is 95 years old. He loves children and believes in Islam. He works for the hotel and shows tourists around the city. He grew up learning french and arabic but people now a days are learning English too!

Fourth day in Marrekech
Our plane ride
We arrived very late in Marrakech. We went to our hotel called Sirayane. It has two swimming pools, a spa and a restaurant. It has also very nice gardens and the people were very nice.
I woke up this morning by the hotel and smelled sweet fresh air. One of the best air I have ever breathed.
The city of Marrakesh is very vibrant. There are English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic's who come to this place. People speak very good English here but they speak differently. They speak kind of arabic like peace be with you and may have a joyful life which is all good but it is just different. They also say buy not with money but with your heart. It makes me realize that I should be thankful and not think about money. We went to dinner. It was very fun. There was a belly dancer at the dinner. It was really cool. My life was full of excitement and differences. That day was one of the best days of my life. What moved me about Mohamad was when he gave money to a beggar while giving us a tour.He was kind. He would be a inspiring person to anyone.
Christmas Photos
Our third day in Marrakech
We went to the Mountains
Time to go home
We woke up pretty early and we ate a very yummy breakfast. We than went to Marrakech early without Mohamad. I liked it but I didn't like that we had to follow Mama the whole time. We ate dinner on the streets. We walked the streets till is was 10 o'clock. It was really FUN
Thank You for Watching
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