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internet of things

No description

Yayuan Wen

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of internet of things

connecting everything
Is Internet of Things Gold-mine or Bottomless Pit for Telcos?
The story of an apple
Enabling Technologies
Tagging Things: RFID

Sensing Things: Sensing and actuating technologies

Thinking Things: Smart technologies

Connecting Things: communication technologies
IoT: State of Art
From 1999 to NOW ...
Telcos facing transition
Revenue and traffic gap is widening!
What drive Telcos into IoT?
Gartner Hype Cycle 2012 (Source: Gartner press release)
Telcos keen to seek new revenue

network coverage expanded worldwide

development of the handset industry

Government mandate
Under the IoT Iceberg
IOT Market Trend
Source: Analysys Mason, 2013
Industry Value Chain
Enabling Technologies
Market Trends
Industry Value Chain

Source: MarketsandMarkets
Wen Yayuan
Research Analysis
Network connectivity
Global layout
Huge amount of customer based
Existing retail channels
Relationships with manufacturers
Cash Mountain
Human Resource
Brand & Reputation
How to reap profits
Gold-mine or Bottomless Pit?
Give the Customers best connectivity solution to suit what they wish to do

Worth doing! Telcos will be rewarded
Interview with Professional
Limited knowledge and experience of IoT
IoT future strategy obscure
Entrenched organizational views and structures
Legacy problem drag
Development of the handset industry
Government mandate
High potential market
Product & service portfolios
Lack of standards
Market demands not clear
Module prices
Fierce competition
Regulation in future
Privacy and Security concerns
1.Dedicated business units
2. Aggressively move up value chain
- Service beyond Connectivity
3. Partnership!
4. Cost Control
5. Develop vertical capability
- Automotive, Utilities etc.
6. Innovation
Recommendation Conclusion
1. Is it wisdom movement to head into IoT market? Gold-mine?

2. Is now a right timing?

3. Short time or long time benefit?

4. Need new separated backbone for IoT?
Thank you!
(Reference from: Rec. ITU-T Y.2060)
(Reference from: Rec. ITU-T Y.2060)
Source: http://images.lib.cycu.edu.tw/
(Copy from: www.3g.co.uk)
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