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Mind the Gap: Integrating All Sides

No description

Christopher Cannon

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Mind the Gap: Integrating All Sides

Mind the Gap: Integrating All Sides
Mind the Gap:
Integrating All Sides

So, Perceptions do not equal Realities
Many shops better than people think
Many shops looking in the wrong place to solve discrepancies
Many shops need to resolve mispreceptions in order to deliver better results
Why should you care?
CASE AIMS Data tells us an important story
Economies of scale and productivity
What should you do about it?
Working together requires a team effort (of course)
Technical, Behavioral, and Organizational issues must be addressed
Are your operations spinning like a top?
In 2011, I learned
In 2013, I confirmed...
Technical Solutions
Database of record
Reporting tool(s)
Online engagement tool(s)
Access and security
Behavioral Solutions
Exception management
Organizational Solutions
Culture of responsibility
Two-way streets
Data/Fact-based decisions and interpretations
Build team with each person/process in mind
Great advancement looks like an ecosystem
Smooth operations are important, but hitting targets is even more so
Many of us could be more efficient and effective
The reason for our challenges is often the gap between different teams' work and understanding
Keeping these items in balance narrows the perception gaps
What Next? It's an on-going cycle, so it starts over. Every day, really.
Visit fundraisingoperations.wordpress.com to find the entire presentation
Thank you and Good Luck!
Chris Cannon | cannon@zurigroup.com
BBCON 2013 Higher Ed Forum
Chris Cannon, Zuri Group
Perfect balance, materials, environment, and spin are tough
How you handle exceptions has an enormous impact on integration
The Advancement Ecosystem
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