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Pre-AP World History Annotated Timeline

No description

Bennett Desimone

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Pre-AP World History Annotated Timeline

Pre-AP World History Annotated Timeline

By Bennett Desimone
• First homo sapiens emerge
100,000-400,000 years ago
first humans
began in africa
• Agricultural Revolution
8000 BC
allowed for villages
started trade
created farms
• Development of Greek civilization
500 BC
mythology was created
architecture was advanced
advances in science and math
• Development of the Roman Republic
508 BC
focused on arts
in Rome, Italy
• Development of Buddhism
6Th and 4Th centuries BCE
god was buddah
peaceful religion
• Development of Judaism
1312 BCE
first religion with one god
torah is the holy book
Jerusalem is holy land
• Development of Islam
• Development of Christianity
200 c
originated from judaism
also has one god
Jesus is son of god
• Development of Egyptian Civilization
3150 BC
built pyramids for dead
pharaohs were treated like gods
in Egypt
• Pax Romana
27 BCE to 180 CE
periodd of peace in rome
stong empre
in and around italy
• Punic Wars
264 BC to 146 BC
Rome and Carthage
Rome won
for trade and power
• Alexander the Great rises to Power
336 BC
king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon
Born in Pella
took throne at age 20
• Battle of Tours
October 10, 732 A.D.
survival of Christianity
Frankish leader Charles Martel
muslims were defeated
• Norman Conquest
28 September - 14 October 1066
William the Conqueror
battle of hasting
gain English throne
• Start of the Crusades
11th century CE
pope urban the second
Christianity verse ,muslims
take back holy land
• Signing of the Magna Carta
King John
reduced power of king
allow strong parliament
• Development of the Aztec Civilization
early 1300’s
Aztecs built civilization
at Lake Texcoco in Central Mexico
Gods told them to build home “where an eagle perched on a cactus holding a snake.”
Bubonic Plague
killed 1/3 of population
lack of workers for jobs
came from fleas on rats
from asia
• Fall of the Byzantine Empire
Byzantine and ottoman empires
conquered at Istanbul
• Italian Renaissance
1400-1700 A.D.
revival of arts
less focused on religion and more on humanism
Florence Italy
610 CE
Islamic religion
mecca and medina
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