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MLA Index Cards

Examples of what to put on research Style Flash Cards, Examples of MLA Works Cited Cards, Examples of How to Integrate

Cathy Stokes

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of MLA Index Cards

Index Cards for Research Papers What is it for? Index Cards help you to keep your ideas organized and allow you to arrange information in the form of a map It's what you might call a proto-Outline What are the steps? First: Use your MLA Guide to locate the type of source you are using. You can use the OWL at Purdue's Writing Lab website, or Mrs. Coogan's webpage. Second: Make a Source Card with all
the publication information on it Third: Make A separate note card with the author's last name, a quote or paraphrased quote, and the page number to cite Fourth: Create two pile: one pile is your source cards, the second pile is your note cards How Will You Use them? When you are ready to draft your paper, you will organize your cards in the order you want to use the data You can integrate data from multiple sources You can copy the quotations directly from your cards into your paper without having to look back through the book or other resource. You can then use your source cards to create your "Works Cited" page. When you have used a note card, you can take it out of the pile and ensure that you won't repeat yourself Some Sample Cards Remarque 5

"Night again. We are deadened by the strain - a deadly tension that scrapes along one's spine like a gapped knife" (p. 112).

Remarque is comparing the tension of waiting to a battle to a serrated knife to show how deeply and jaggedly it cuts at a man's will. Miller 3

"If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property - that's the law. And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece.This man is killing his neighbors for their land!" (p. 176).

By putting these words in the blunt, but unreliable mouth of Corey, Miller is able to state the truth in a way that convinces his readers but not the other characters of his play. It is a way to organize your research data, sort of like a map
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