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Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Giving my two cents on what it takes to be an effective Master Teacher

Willisa House

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Why do I want to be a Master Teacher?
As a Master Teacher, my ultimate goal is...
To do whatever it takes to ensure that our students are engaged and ultimately successful.
Future Master Teacher
Ms. Willisa Dream House

to fab...making it meaningful and enjoyable for all.
How can this be achieved?
2012-13 STAAR Data:
Committed to district and campus goals
Support teachers in creating engaging learning experiences for students
Provide ongoing support and building relationships with colleagues and students
Help others bring out their talents
Encourage teachers and students to take ownership of learning and/or what they contribute to the learning process
Knowledge of instructional strategies
Break down data and effectively using it as a guide or an opportunity to modify
Model different ways of presenting lessons and providing a platform for sharing ideas
Department planning, co-teaching, and field testing
Knowledge of TAP, STEM, PBLs, Web 2.0 tools, CCRS, C-Scope, Renaissance Learning, & critical thinking skills
OBJECTIVE: By the end of this extensive interview , the interview panel will have a thorough understanding of what Ms. House has to offer and how she will be of benefit to the magnificent LMS family as a Master Teacher w/ 100% mastery.
I'm willing to go far beyond what you see on the surface to increase student achievement by collaborating with and equipping my colleagues with the tools needed to be truly effective at their craft.
Achieved by positive thinking, collaborating with my colleagues, sharing ideas, fine tuning instructional strategies, and believing that greatness could be achieved.
Taking the learning environment from drab...
To Fab...
making it meaningful and enjoyable for all.
I look forward to having the opportunity of facilitating teachers in developing/fine tuning skills needed to increase student performance.
What does it take to be an effective Master Teacher?
"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."
- H. E. Luccock
As educators we must realize more than
ever the importance and the need for
helping students dig deeper within
themselves to find a purpose that allows
them to be greater than they ever

imagined - not only academically, but
emotionally and spiritually as well. This could
ultimately lead them on a path of self-discovery,
self-fulfillment, competence in one’s self, a sense of
purpose, compassion for others, and an intrinsic motivation to
succeed in life, even in the face of adversities.
- House
2011-12 STAAR Data:
20% increase....AMEN!!!
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