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Song Lyrics as a Plot Graph

No description

Amber Clarke

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Song Lyrics as a Plot Graph

- Woman discovers that her husband has been cheating
- the 'other woman' in this case was not aware that the man had a wife
Falling Action/Resolution
- Wife and mistress both attend the man's funeral
- drive up in separate black Cadillacs
- hear the preacher say he was a good man
- hear the brother say he was a good friend
- neither woman cries
They each lay down a rose, share a smile, drive away without shedding a tear, leaving the secret at the grave
Carrie Underwood-
Two Black Cadillacs

Short Stories within Song Lyrics
Rising Action
- Wife calls number on the phone that she doesn't recognize
- 'other woman' admits to having a relationship with the man, is unaware that he is married
- they decided that they aren't going to let this man away with his actions
- Wife and the 'other woman' work together and take the man's life as revenge for the pain they feel from him having an affair
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