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Sigmund Freud vs Albert Bandura Experiment

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Jazzy Sotomayor

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Sigmund Freud vs Albert Bandura Experiment

Sigmund Freud vs Albert Bandura Experiment
Jasselyne Sotomayor
Alejandro Perez
Christina Hudak
Wyneque Brown
Leanne Metcalf

Social Cognitive Theory
Humans are cognitive beings
Active processing of information influences human growth and development
Bandura's systematic approach accounted for variables that freud neglected
One example being reciprocal determinism which means:
-The correlation between the person, their behavior, and environment
Research was collected through observational learning
"Bobo Doll Experiment"
As we all know Bandura conducted an experiment in which he presented a film to children that displayed adults demonstrating violent and aggressive behavior towards a bobo doll . Children were given the opportunity to interact with the same doll that appeared in the video.The conclusion being the children imitating this aggressive behavior.
"Born Innately Bad"
Largely driven by their unconcious
Humans experience during the first 5-6 years of life
Personality divided into 3 components:
Id contains all negative qualities which is what Freud believed dominated the children's behavior.
Sigmund Freud
Our Research
If children will respond innately good or bad after being equally exposed to negative and positive influences simultaneously.


Subjects will imitate the negative behavior which corresponds to Freud's theory and confirms Bandura's observational learning.
Research Design
Gender diversified
Ages 3-5
Different social backgrounds
-already shaped and predisposed by encountered experiences
10boys & 10girls
Half and half (boys in one room girls in another)
2 videos provided
Limited toys (5)
As a group...
We decided to test Sigmund Freud's theory that children are born innately bad through the concept of observational learning designed by Albert Bandura.
On the Other Hand
Albert Bandura
What do you think will happen?
Will they share or act aggressive and not share?
Resulted in favor of our groups hypothesis.
(Imitate negative behavior)
Our goal was to compensate for the weakness of Freud's theory and also confirms the effectiveness of Bandura's concept of observational learning.

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