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How to wheelie a dirt bike (or a motorcycle)

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to wheelie a dirt bike (or a motorcycle)

1.) First you are going to need to get the required materiel's
> A dirt bike with 100cc or more
> Some protective gear
> Preparedness to flip or fall (You cant learn without mistakes)
How to wheelie a dirt bike (or a motorcycle)
2.) Open the clutch and blip the throttle then release the clutch (be careful not to open the throttle to much otherwise you will flip)
3.) Get use to the front wheelie being up and using the rear brake to come down.

4.) Do step number 2 but this time try to find your point of balance and stay there this is how you are going to do long wheelies (use the rear brake and the throttle to stay in your balance point)

5.) Practice until you feel comfortable.
You have learned how to do a wheelie. Good job.
2.) 1.) Turn on and warm up your bike, then shift into first gear
By: Owen Morris
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