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No description

Cera Sams

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of GIRL STOLEN

Girl Stolen By: April Henry
Report By: Cera Sams
Publisher: Henry Holt Main Characters:
Cheyenne Wilder
Griffin (don't know his last name)
Roy Cheyenne Wilder is a sixteen year girl she's tall,
dark haired, and most importantly she's blind. A few years before she is kidnapped her mother and her were walking on the side of the road when two people who were racing hit both Cheyenne and her mother. Cheyenne ended up flying back and hitting her head against a sign causing her sudden blindness. Her mom died.
In this story Cheyenne is suddenly kidnapped while sleeping in the backseat of her car while her stepmother filled her prescription. Cheyenne also has a serious case of pneumonia. Her sudden kidnapping could make her become even more sick, or worst......possible death. Griffin: We don't really know much about Griffin except that he has gotten into a lot of trouble since being a kid. As a child Griffin and his father Roy haven't been exactly close. At a very young age Griffin was burnt by his father making drugs in the garage. Griffins mom rushed him to the hospital. After Griffin was put in the burn unit his mom would sometimes leave and then come back to be with him. Well on the day Griffin was to get released from the hospital his mom didn't show up. Instead his dad was there. Roy explained to Griffin that his mother had left them and moved to Chicago with her sister. Later in the story we find out that Roy had killed Griffins mom and buried her behind an old car. Ever since then Griffin had been different he didn't go to school, he listened to everything his dad said which included stealing cars. He is also Cheyennes accidental kidnapper. Roy- Is Griffin dad. He also has been in trouble with the law several times. He was at first angry with Griffins accidental kidnapping but after he finds out that Cheyenne's dad is president of the shoe company Nike, Roy thinks he can get money out of it and changes the plan completely. He decides to keep Cheyenne to see if he can bribe money out of her father. But things don't go quit according to plan. Roy is also in the business of stealing cars and selling their parts. Setting: You don't really know the city this book takes place in, but, the main place where the book is centered around is Griffins house. Theme: To never give up. In this book I thought the theme was to never give up. The reason being is because Cheyenne kept trying to get away from Griffin and Roy but couldn't, But she never stopped trying Summary- Sixteen year old Cheyenne Wilder is napping in the back seat of her car while her Stepmother goes into the pharmacy to fill her prescription for her pneumonia.

While Cheyenne is a sleep in the car a boy, Griffin walks by the car and see's the keys dangling from the ignition, but doesn't see Cheyenne.
Griffin gets in the car and drives away. While he's driving Griffin see's something move in the backseat. He starts yelling at Cheyenne and she yelled right back at him.
Griffin then pulls onto a road and jumps in the backseat to try and calm Cheyenne down. She begged Griffin to let her go and that she wouldn't tell anyone. That's when he finds out the Cheyenne is blind.
Griffin decided that letting her go probably wasn't t he smartest idea ever. So he took her back to his house where he told his dad what had happened Roy's co-workers were thrilled but Roy not so much.
Soon Roy finds out that Cheyenne is the daughter of Nick Wilder president of the Nike shoe company. Roy then realizes if he keeps Cheyenne he would be able to con some money out of her dad and then kill her and run away.
But his plan doesn't go according to plan. While he's keeping Cheyenne locked up and Griffin being her watch dog, they get to know a little more about each other. But Cheyenne still decides to try to make a run for it. So she knocks Griffin out and heads for the woods, But, her being blind makes things very difficult. Cheyenne can't move fast enough and soon she hears someone behind her.....It was Griffin, he was now conscious and was trying to help Cheyenne, but, they didn't get to far until Griffin stepped in a hole and broke his ankle. Cheyenne had to get out of the woods alone.
In the end Cheyenne got reunited with her family, Roy went to jail and Griffin ended up moving to Chicago with his Aunt to start a new life. Turning Point: When Cheyenne finally escapes but starts having her own problems not being able to see her way through the woods. Outcome: The outcome of this book is Cheyenne ends up with her family and her guide dog again. Roy is arrested and sent to jail. And Griffin moves to Chicago to start a better life with his aunt Student Recommendation: I give this book a 5 star rating. This book will keep you on your toes until you finish it. It's suspenseful and is just a really great book and recommend that you read it. "Please Let me go, I wont tell"
Girl Stolen By: April Henry
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