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Nick Gilio, Konspore and Jack Finnigan T7 Korea

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Debra Goldstein

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Nick Gilio, Konspore and Jack Finnigan T7 Korea

The Traditional music that is played in Korea has instruments such as flutes fans drums vocals and many more . Most of the songs such as Pansori has very soft vocals and drums with flutes .
some strange instruments in Korea are dansos they are practically are modern day recorders or flutes .
The music umbrella
The tempo of pansori is largo .
The pitch of pansori is high
The volume of pansori is high.
The music is peaceful.
A couple of instruments are vocals, drums, flutes, and fans which are included in the song.
Korea Music stages
K pop stage, Park hye yoon stage and finnally the changyeong palace all located in Korea .
traditional music
Image by Tom Mooring
Jaden Konspore and Jack Finnigan nick gilio T7
Three instruments that are included in pansori is the flute, the drums, and fans
Three musicians
AMY LEE was born may 30 th 1989
she was born in Denver Colorado she uses the guitar .
Jae Bum was born January 6 th 1994 in south korea he uses the drums.
kwon ba ah also know as boa born November 5 th 1986 in korea she uses the flute .
The geographical features in
Korea are mountains hills rivers
and many more . The type of government in Korea is republic .
korea function in music
korea's function in music is there singing. This happens in ceremonies dancing and many more.This will occasionally happen in holidays .
This prezi contains korea's music and culture. Which has very rich music
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