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A New Government

November 26, 2012

Miss Campbell

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of A New Government

Do Now 11/26 Now that the American Revolution has ended, predict and describe the issues and challenges that will face the new nation. BACKGROUND ON THE A.O.C. States did not want a strong central government.
John Dickenson worked on a plan for the new government.
Articles of Confederation - 1st National Government of US CREATING A NEW GOVERNMENT ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION CREATING A NEW GOVERNMENT Restate the following question and respond in complete sentences! Homework THE IMPACT OF THE REVOLUTION No homework! Happy Monday! War is expensive; Borrowed money from foreign sources as well as citizens of the United States.
The money needs to be repayed. Each state wanted to keep the power. They did not want a strong central government because
of the monarch which they just
AMEND - to make changes
CONFEDERATION - Independent states with a common goal. POWERS OF THE
NEW GOVERNMENT Congress could: Write national policies (laws)
Have foreign relations
Borrow and make money
Set up post offices
Establish an army
Declare war FINAL QUESTION TO CONSIDER Do Now 11/27 What makes a government effective? What makes a government ineffective?
Provide details and examples to support your response! Restate the following question and respond in complete sentences! Homework No homework! Happy Tuesday! YOUR TEAM'S TASK: Take ONE "Placard Folder" at a time!
Analyze the illustration carefully
Identify the provision included in the A.O.C.
Identify the reason that the provision was included.
Identify the possible problems with the provision.
Complete your graphic organizer for the provision.
Show the teacher your response for the provision.
If approved, you may return your completed "Placard Folder" and take a new "Placard Folder". FINAL QUESTION TO CONSIDER Based on the provisions that you have read so far, what conclusions can you draw regarding the Articles of Confederation? FINAL QUESTION TO CONSIDER Do you think that the Articles of Confederation need to be revised, or do you think that the founding fathers need to start from scratch and create a new government? Be sure to explain your response. A R T I C L E S REVIEW Do Now 11/28 Use the provided handout in order to analyze the political cartoon and
respond to the "Questions to Consider". Restate the following question and respond in complete sentences! Homework Shay's Rebellion Handout - due TOMORROW! THE ROAD TO STATEHOOD WESTERN
LAND CLAIMS • Even though the Articles of Confederation was a weak government, some of its actions did have lasting effects. One notable accomplishment was establishing a pattern of settlement in . WESTERN LANDS •After the Revolutionary War, settlers streamed into the lands west of the Over time, the question of how to organize the settlements of vast western lands emerged. APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS WESTERN
LAND CLAIMS • The Articles of Confederation did not address the questions of . Congress had to find a way to bring western land and settlers into the political structure. NEW STATES DIVIDING THE WESTERN TERRITORY NORTHWEST TERRITORY DISTRICTS TERRITORY CONSTITUTION STATE Congress
adopts AOC 1777 1781 AOC accepted
by all states 1789 AOC
replaced DO NOW 11/29 Restate the following question and respond in complete sentences. Define what the term "rebellion" means to you.
Provide an example of rebellion, either from a movie, a book, or your own life! HOMEWORK No homework! SHAYS' REBELLION SHAY'S REBELLION Create a political cartoon regarding Shays' rebellion, either from the farmers position or from the federal government's position. How did Shays' Rebellion demonstrate the need for a stronger national government? FINAL QUESTION TO CONSIDER BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT LEGISLATIVE JUDICIAL EXECUTIVE
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