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West African Cultural Achievements

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kat friends

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of West African Cultural Achievements

West African Cultural Achievements

Proverbs were a way for West Africans to educate and advise their peers and families.
Why Proverbs were important to Medieval West Africa
Musical Traditions
Drum circles were important to Medieval West Africa, because drummers performed at many rituals and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and religious meetings.
Why Drum Circles Were Important to Medieval West Africa
Proverbs have influenced modern society in many ways. They were first brought to America by enslaved Africans and ever since, have been woven into American culture.
How Proverbs Have Influenced Modern Society
Drum Circles have also influenced modern society, because drumming groups still perform in the same style that West African drum circles did.
How Drum Circles Have Influenced Modern Society
The Visual Arts
Masks were important to Medieval West Africa, because they were used in ceremonies, performances, and sacred rites. They were also used to summon the spirits of gods and ancestors.
How Masks Were Important to Medieval West Africa
West African Cultural Achievements
Oral Traditions
A proverb is a short saying that usually a piece advice or states a truth.
Drum Circles
A drum circle
is a group or an ensemble of drummers playing different types and sizes of drums along with bells and rattles.
West African masks are masks made out of wood that depicted human souls.
How Masks Have Influenced Modern Society
Masks have influenced modern society, because they have inspired many artists such as Pablo Picasso.
By: Kara and Katie (period 6)
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