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Module 1 Lesson 3 Assignment: Helping or Hurting the Farmers

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Tyrelia Sawyer

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Module 1 Lesson 3 Assignment: Helping or Hurting the Farmers

Homestead Act

The Homestead Act helped farmers by providing anyone who never fought in a war against the United States 160 acres of land.

They were given the land to refine it and grow ample crops to sell and improve the economy.

Homestead Act
After 5 years of cultivating the land, the farmers were free to own the land for as long as they pleased for a small registration fee of $10.

The Homestead Act also hurt farmers because after paying for the land, few farmers could allot to pay for tools,materials, livestock and seeds to keep the farm thriving.
Transcontinental Railroad
The Transcontinental Railroad was a huge advantage for farmers, they could now transport their products from the East all the way to California.

It also provided jobs for the farmers family. Those who laid tracks got paid, adding to the families economy.

Transcontinental Railroad
The Transcontinental Railroad also hurt farmers. The railroad was mainly controlled by people with ample amounts of money, in return greed took over and they placed large taxes on farmers.

If a farmer had a family member that helped lay tracks it was a dangerous job. If the member got killed, it could cause emotional damage to the whole entire family.
High Railroad Shipping Costs
High railroad and shipping cost play as a disadvantage to farmers. In order to move their products a fee had to be paid. In response, farmers would loose more money trying to ship their products.
High Railroad Shipping Costs
Farmers had to pay a fee to ship their products as well as a fee to use the railroad. As millionaires took control of the railroads across the county, their idea was to make as much money as they could. They placed outrageous taxes on farmers to use the railroads.
Farmers Alliances and Granges
The Farmers Alliance gave a sense of independence. It allowed them to change factors in the market that they thought were unfair or unreasonable. Farmers created this group in response to these conditions and rising debt.

Farmers Alliances and Granges
Farmers created granges to preserve their families. As a well rounded place to raise their families and others around them.

These granges provided stability in the communities, agriculture, and economy.
Module 1 Lesson 3 Assignment: Helping or Hurting the Farmers?
Tyrelia Sawyer-Mercer
The Populist Movement
The Populist Movement was a Farmers Alliance on a national scale. It not only had benefits for farmers but it had benefits for everyone. Including income taxes, government controlling the railroads and taxes used for revenue purposed only.
The Populist Movement
The Populist Movement was a more political revised party created to help the common American facing economic difficulty.
Bimetallism was a form of "backing the farmer up". If the farmer had gold or silver, he could then go to the bank and get universal currency.

Beneficial because it can be used in unlimited amounts for whatever the amount of gold or silver was worth.
Bimetallism caused a disadvantage for the farmer because if he had insufficient cash, he could get coins, but they were of less value if he wanted to get rid of them.
Interstate Commerce Commission
The Interstate Commerce Commission was an advantage to farmers because it allowed for an elimination of discrimination against peoples professions.
Interstate Commerce Commission
It also allowed fixed rates for traveling on the railroads. A huge gain for farmers and independent workers.
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