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Dynamic Curriculum Model

Curriculum Design and the Teaching Process

Kyle Kooyers

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Dynamic Curriculum Model

Dynamic Curriculum Model
- Appears confusing and seems to lack direction. (Developer are left perplexed as to what to do)

- Confusion rather than clarity.

- Lack of emphasis on the construction and use of objectives. (Objectives must be stated in order to be effective)

- Developers waste significant amounts of time by not following a logical sequence.

Malcolm Skilbeck's Model
Decker Walker's Model
- Youth Specialties - TalkSheets
- Youth Specialties - Pictures of God
- Youth Specialties -
Highway Visual Curriculum
- More realistic, feasible ways of handling curriculum development.

- Developers are free to be more creative.

- Offer considerable flexibility: developers may commence at any point in the curriculum process that is appropriate to their needs.

- Developers may retrace their steps and proceed in whatever way they prefer.

- Reflects the teaching situation: this model could be a more suitable, less dysfunctional approach.

- The needs of learners are more important in determining curriculum planning than some predetermined set of information to be acquired.

- This model is primarily descriptive model to curriculum where researchers have observed the behavior of teachers and developers as they devise curricula, whereas the classical model is prescriptive.

- Can commence with any curriculum element and proceed in any order
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