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No description

Inveralmond chs

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Promotion

The way in which a customer is made aware of a product or service and is persuaded to purchase it Promotion Advertising Aims of Promotion Informative adverts: these are used to increase awareness of a product/service. e.g. yellow pages Advertising media Television

Advantages :
The product can be demonstrated
Can be targeted to a large national audience

Can be expensive
People may not watch the advert Radio

Cheaper to advertise than on TV

Can have a captive audience as listeners tend not to Chanel surf when adverts come on

Disadvantages :
Listeners often do not pay attention to the adverts

Limited to sound only Persuading a customer to buy a product Informing customers about the product Reminding customers that the product still exists Persuasive adverts: aim to persuade a customer to buy a product by stressing that it is very desirable to have. Most adverts contain a degree of persuasion Product endorsement: occurs when a well known celebrity are paid to wear a particular product. for example Adidas pay David Beckham Product placement: When a firm pays for its product to be used in films or TV programs. e.g. BMW paid for James bond to be seen driving its cars in Goldeneye Daily Newspapers

National exposure can be gained
Technical information can be explained

People tend not to scrutinies daily newspapers

No sound or movement can be shown and adverts are often in black and white Questions What are the aims of production ? When a famous person is paid to wear or use a product.. what type of advertising is this ? True or False ?
Television advertising is inexpensive
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