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Book Report!

No description

Alison McGregor

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Report!

Other Characters
Ninako Kinoshita is the main character of the manga.
Other Characters.
The Time.
Book Report!
Ninako Kinoshita
The title of the book series I read is called Strobe Edge.
I wasn't sure what the title meant but I tried to break it down. Strobe could be a strobe light, and edge is the border of something. So I think it would be along the lines of a border of light.
I think this could be an analogy of how the main character Ninako has fallen in love with Ren but he already has a girlfriend. This could mean Ninako is on the border of being with Ren (her strobe light).
The author and illustrator of the book is Io Sakisaka.
The author and illustrator is a Japanese girl and a Japanese-American entertainment company translated the books.
Ninako is a 15 year old girl who is cheery, energetic, and gentle. She is caring and will return a favor even if it's small. Ninako goes through many situations with boys and romantic feelings. Whether she confesses those feelings or reigns them in, she is still very passionate in every way.
Ren Ichinose
Takumi Andou
Mayuka Korenaga
Ren Ichinose is the male protagonist he
is basically good at everything. When Ninako
tells him she is in love with him, Ren starts to have feelings for her also. Ren is dating
Mayuka but later on she breaks up
with him so he wouldn't hold back his feelings
for Ninako.
Takumi Andou is an old friend of Ren's
from middle-school. Ando becomes a
player with other girls soon after, but
forms no relationships with them. Once
he meets Ninako, Ando changes and finds
himself competing with Ren for Ninako's
Mayuka Korenaga is Ren's girlfriend, and she's also a model. Mayuka is busy most of the time and has to cancel a lot of dates for school and work. She is constantly worried that Ren would change and leave her but that's exactly what she does to him.
Based on these different pictures from the books, the story is set in our current time. For example, there are cell phones, train stations, and classic fast food restaurants.
Ren and Ninako
Andou and Ninako
Daiki and Ninako
There are many different parts in Strobe Edge where you are just leaning off your chair. My favorite climax would have to be when Ninako pity's Andou and his situation with his ex girlfriend. So Andou takes advantage of that and tells her to go out with him if she feels so bad, and leans in to kiss her.
This book has a main genre of romance. But it is also a series of drama, with love triangles and heart break.

Strobe Edge is about Ninako being confused on what love is and how it feels. Her friends tell her she likes Daiki because they are close friends, but later on she realizes she is in love with a boy named Ren. Throughout the series though, another boy comes along named Andou, and he falls in love with Ninako. This leads to a competition between the two, Ren and Andou, and also a competition between Ninako's feelings.
There are two main places in the story,
The first would be the high school these characters go to with all the lockers, classes, and hallways. This is where most people are, talking with friends and studying.
The second main place in Strobe Edge is the train station, where Ninako and Ren are usually waiting to go to and from school. You can picture many crowds of people on the benches, stairways, and on the train.
The season is also an important part of the story, going from autumn, to winter, spring, and summer. The main characters mostly take place outside in these different types of weather either with strong winds and falling leafs, cold fresh nights and snowfall, or colorful scenery and hot sunny days.
A cool fact about this type of book series is that you have to read it backwards, from right to left!
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