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A Separate Peace

No description

Sabrina Borg

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

The timeline of Gene Forrester
A Separate Peace
What happens next is for me to know and for you to find out..............
John Knowles
Gene visits Devon School, the boarding school in New Hampshire that he graduated from 15 years ago. It is now in the late 1950's. As he walks around campus many memories are remembered.
Gene is pressured by Phineas and jumps off the tree into the river for the first time. After making this jump a daily ritual they create the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session.
Gene starts to become jealous of Phineas because he is able to avoid punishments from teachers.
Gene and Phineas were supposed to jump off the tree together and make history, but Phineas was annoying Gene so Gene shook the tree to push Phineas off the tree to shut him up, but it didn’t end how Gene was planning it to.
Summer session ends and winter session begins. For Gene, school is boring without Phineas.
Phineas has to go into surgery the next day and Gene was by his side before he was operated on. Gene tells Phineas why he pushed him out of the tree and apologized to him for everything he has done, and Phineas understood and accepted his explanation and apology.
When Gene returns to Devon, Brinker is demanding to know what really happened with Phineas falling out of the tree. Once Phineas starts to understand that Gene really did push him out of the tree, he leaves the room because of frustration and fell down the stairs.
Gene receives a telegram from Leper saying he's "escaped".Gene finds Leper at his house. Gene thought Leper meant he escaped the enemies, when he actually escaped the war. He’s clearly turned crazy because of war because he's been seeing female heads on male bodies and legs instead of brooms.
Phineas starts to train Gene for the 1944 Olympics so Gene can do what Phineas physically can't do. But after a few months of training, the Olympics was canceled because of WWII.
Gene spends the day shoveling the railroad for the boys that are enlisted to go to war. This brings the thought to Gene to enlist with his friend Brinker.
Gene goes into a flashback, brings the setting to the year 1942 and the Summer Session at Devon School begins.
Gene tried to jump off the tree, but almost fell and with good timing Phineas was there and saved his life.
Gene begins to believe that Phineas is deliberately trying to sabotage his academic reputation so he can be the top of the class instead of Gene.
Gene visits Phineas at his house while he's recovering from the fall and he tries to tell Phineas it was his fault that he fell out of the tree, but it hurt too much for Phineas to hear it so he didn’t believe it.
Gene's friend, Leper, enlisted for the war after watching propaganda about ski troops.
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