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CTE & Common Core Standards

This details a year-long course in CTE that incorporates project based learning and common core state standards.

Lee Smith

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of CTE & Common Core Standards

What will a Common Core State Standards lesson for CTE look like? Agriculture Students choose an environmental concern i.e., Soil Erosion, overgrazing, species endangerment, etc. (Env. Res. Soil & Water 1.2) Pair up students Students present script to teacher and perform the interview in front of the class while it
is being recorded.
Interview an individual with a career in natural resources and devleop a list of questions
to determine their job duties and how they address the environmental concern that was chosen
by the student. Read three current articles from a reputable source
and develop interview questions for a mock interview as if a student was employed
within the Natural Resources Career Cluster. (CCSS RIT.6) How can you use technology to make this simple? These examples will be based
on existing frameworks
will focus on
English Language Arts
Literacy in History/Social Studies,
Science, and Technical Subjects What Common Core Standards were met by this lesson? Students should present, share,
collaborate & discuss their interviews
with the instructor and each other. How? http://rswikispacescom.wikispaces.com/Ag+Class Business Education Students will create graphs and charts illustrating different comparisons of incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. (Computerized Business Applications, Unit 3: Spreadsheets) Students use mathmatical calculations to create data to input into spreadsheets for side-by-side comparison. The data collected will be converted to charts and
graphs to be posted online. For example, Students then create an informative
video explaining the pros and cons of
using one light bulb versus another. Family & Consumer Science Students will use the social network for Houzz
to create a portfolio of design. (Housing & Interior
Desing, Units 2, 3 & 4) Idea books are created with student description of the elements observed in the photo.
Comments are evaluated and responded to among the class for consensus building.
Once refined, idea books are converted into portfolios to be presented to peers. http://www.houzz.com/
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