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Ancient Greek Warfare

No description

ryan wilson

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Warfare

By:Ryan Wilson Ancient Greek Warfare Formation Shields Ballista A secondary weapon used mostly when a
spear breaks or when stuck in hand to
hand combat.They were mostly short swords
made from bronze or iron.The size and weight
of your sword depends on your size and
weight Kopises are ancient greek dagger that can
range from the size of a spatha about 65cm
to an adverage size of 48cm.Used when
infantry loses their sword or as last resort life
death situations. The most common form of armour was
the muscle cuirass made of bronze they also wore gauntlets,helmets.
the only places the armour really protected was the head lower legs and the torso. One of the most popular formation the Greeks was the phalanx formation.Basically heavily armed infantry would put up there shields the row behind would raise their spears this is the phalanx formation Spears Greek infantry would use spears and shields for
tactical advancements on enemies.Spears were
also used in formations such as the turtle and
phalanx. Swords Kopis Intro My online research report is one Ancient Greek Warfare and the weapons they used.I am doing this because Ancient Greece was a strong nation and the weapons they used were a big part of that Period:5 Shields were mainly used as defense
against swords but they were also used for bashing to close the distance so they can use a different weapon Armour The ballista was a morph between the two weapons oxybeles and the gastraphetes.This weapon became popular in the use of philip the 2 of macedon. acknowledgments I would like to thank the websites i used for my prezi. wikipedia ancient greek personal weapons medieval collectables wikipedia phalanx formation CONCLUSION In,Conclusion the weapons
the greeks used held very much in the conquering of all their enemies.
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