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Create Townsville

No description

Sarah Standen

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Create Townsville

$210 million ask from State government

The critical key to the economic development of our city
HOW - today and beyond
Today is the start of an important campaign to fight for what is best for the city
Your ideas will give Townsville's people a voice
We need your continued support
WHY - You are the creative brains trust of the North
WHAT - Townsville Stadium and Entertainment Centre campaign
Feasibility study
Comprehensive economic, social and environmental analysis supports a new integrated stadium and entertainment centre
Cost savings up to $20million in construct alone and more in ongoing annual operations
Significant boost for Brand Townsville
Outstanding economic generator through to 2020 and beyond
1300 Smiles Stadium
Old, tired and not up to scratch with modern stadia standards
To part refurb would still not bring it up to scratch and require significant $$$
A full redevelopment on current site would cost $208 million and not address transport and adjancency issues

At the end of its economically useful life
Design not multi-functional
Significant shortcomings on current site including parking and land lock
$127 million to build a new stand alone centre
Current site not suitable

Develop a collaborative innovative solution
Lets back up...Whats the story so far?
Create Townsville
You know the market better than anyone
Collaboration and connection is vital
This is your community
What's the plan?
Credible Voices
Credible Content
Credible channels
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