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Teen Pressure to Choose a Career Path

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Jacey-Lynne Graham

on 24 October 2018

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Transcript of Teen Pressure to Choose a Career Path

Pressure on Teens to Choose a Career Path
The preconceived idea of there being a "time limit" to choose what courses students will pursue in university or college, results in teens jumping into a career path that does not reflect their true interests, personality traits, or work ability whatsoever - leading to long term consequences such as having to change courses, wasting a lot of money, causing more stress etc.
The Pressure
It's Better to Take the Time to Explore Who Are Rather Than Rush Yourself Into a Job You're Unsure Of
Getting stuck in a career when your heart isn't in it will ultimately set you back more than taking time to find the right career for you.
According to a 2008 School of Life survey, over half of 20s-somethings regret their career choice, and would choose a different path if they could go back and do it all over.
Embracing the uncertainty you feel towards the future, and giving yourself time to experiment and explore is what will lead you to something you really love. Don’t rush to choose a career just because you think everyone else knows what they want to do.
Thinking About the Future
With graduation just around the corner, it's nearly impossible not to think about the future and what may be in store for you
When thousands of high school and college students graduate this year, commencement speakers across the country will tell them to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. But how can you pursue your passions when you don't know what they are yet?
By: Jacey-Lynne Graham
1. Academics
2. Social Pressures
3. Post-Secondary Plans
4. Financial Concerns
5. Family Problems
Post-Secondary plans are one of the top 5 things that put the most stress on teens today
Everyone wants to see their children succeed, and everyone has the desire to succeed themselves, making post-secondary education a huge milestone in one's life
Teens today are feeling immense pressure from parents, teachers, and peers around them to choose their lifelong career NOW.
( ) ( )
( ) ( ) ( )
Thinking for Yourself
Instead of trying to find a job that you feel will impress others, find a job that reflects your interests and talents in life
Don't allow people to pressure you into a career you don't want to do - it will only set you back in the long run
Instead of looking for a job with the largest possible income, focus more on the actual workplace aspects of the job and the specific job qualities
Doing all of these things will lead you to becoming a happier individual in the future, and will result in less career changes throughout your life
Studies show that many teens today feel extreme pressure by their parents, as well as other adult figures in their lives, to choose a certain career path based on the possible income that can be made doing this job
Most Valuable Lesson You Were Never Taught
"The discovery of the self is the most valuable lesson you were never taught" – School does not educate students on how to find their true selves, but yet expects students to have their entire life planned out by the age of at least 17
not yet old enough to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, or to gamble, but old enough to choose a career in which they will pursue for the rest of their lives
“That is what life is: a paradoxical Bermuda Triangle. You have no one but yourself as a resource to stay afloat”
Following others and the path they choose in life could only end up sabotaging you. To find what you truly love, you need to have a brain of your own to make your personal decisions
Teenagers who believe adults in today's society put too much pressure on them to choose a career path and want to show them how they feel
someone who is ensuring teenagers that creating their own career path, taking their time to choose a career, and taking time to find themselves first, is alright.
Teens are becoming extremely stressed having to choose a career path that pleases and impresses their parents/others; they are also being rushed into choosing a career before they have been able to discover what inspires them in life, and who they truly are
LARGER occasion:
The future of our generation will be unsatisfied, unsuccessful, and unhappy if changes in behavior involving adults putting pressure on teens to choose a career path, does not change.

Teenagers who are currently stressed about choosing a career and need to be ensured that not knowing what they want to do in life yet is okay
Adults who are pressuring teens to choose a certain career based on income, or pressuring them to make career choices too quickly


Allowing adults to be aware of the stress teens are struggling with when deciding what career path they should choose, and the pressures around them that influence these choices.
Showing teens that they do not have to feel pressure to choose a certain career path just to please someone else, and they have tons of time to find out who they truly are, what they love to do, and what career they'd like to pursue.
Showing teens that making a lot of money from a career you dislike will not make you happy or truly successful - "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Confucius


The pressure on teens to choose a career path before even knowing what they are inspired by or who they truly are, and the pressure on teens to choose a career path based on potential income and success in the long-run
In question one, it is clear that the majority of the students being interviewed don't have a clear idea of what they want to do in life
creating an underlying tone of uncertainty;
neutral tone
Majority of the students answer question number 2 with "yes" showing that they do feel pressure from those around them to choose a career path too fast
creating a feeling of stress, tension, and strain ;
negative tone
Majority of students interviewed answered "no" to the question of whether or not they believe going into post-secondary education immediately following high school is the best, and only way to become successful. This portrays the ways in which teens may have different views on making career path decisions in comparison to majority of parents/adults
creating a feeling of independence, determination, and the ability for teens to be strong-minded despite the pressure around them -
positive tone
The last question remains
in tone as the students just create proof that they have yet to truly discover who they are and what inspires them in life and therefore are not completely qualified to make a career decision just yet
At the end of the video when Mrs. Saunders speaks her mind on how she feels about teen pressure to make a career choice, it creates the feeling of relief, and hope amongst teens because it becomes clear that maybe some adults do understand what teens are going through, and don't wish to put pressure on them to make a career choice;
positive tone

Rhetorical Triangle

Actual students who are facing these conflicts today shared their opinions
i myself am a person who is struggling with these conflicts
Hearing about the stress teens feel deciding what career path they should choose, and the external pressures around them that influence these decisions may create pathos for the audience

proof created through the interviewing of real students facing these issues
This is an issue that affects everyone at some point in their life, and is a relevant topic for students our age because we are all facing this situation currently
Personally stressed about choosing a career path, and unsure of what do after high school
annoyed with the pressure adults put on teens to choose a career
don't feel compelled to give in to the pressure of jumping straight in to a career if you're unsure of yourself and what you would like to pursue
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