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Hawaiian Tropic Ad workshop

No description

Viviann Hua

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Hawaiian Tropic Ad workshop

brand analysis: Product category: tanning (outdoor and sunless), sun protection, & after sun.
Features: pleasant scent, oil and lotion formula, various SPF levels, specific formulas for sensitive skin, lip care, etc. Available as spray, rub on, and or roll on.
Benefit: Sun protection, skin moisturizer/nourishment, and skin tanner. Situation Analysis Andrew Kusznir, Alexandre Moura-Busquets, Kellie Kurt, Skye Solava, Viviann Hua competitive analysis: Coppertone Neutrogena market analysis: major trends survey objectives insights radian 6 1. Find out which features of suntan lotion are most important to consumers

2. Figure out which time of year other than summer would be a good time to market sunscreen

3. Figure out what activities consumers are in engaging in when they use sunscreen

4. Figure out what consumers are willing to pay for sunscreen Facebook
60 K + likes
Regularly updated
Interactive with post and fans PR website provides skincare and safety Q & A's
Online promotion
Live events
TV commercial
Print ad
Tan-a-ton Most important to consumers:
SPF, Broad Spectrum Protection, Waterproofness

Least important:
Scent & Price 2. Potential times of year to market Hawaiian Tropic (other than summer):
Spring and Fall 3. consumers would be willing to pay 6-8 dollars for an 8-ounce bottle of sunscreen lotion Premium sun care is luxury's fastest-growing personal care segment.

The sun care industry is growing, and is expected to reach $1.32 billion in annual sales by 2016. Market share of 14.59% (40.7 million)
Mercks net earning Market share of 14.59% (40.7 million)
Mercks net earning 43.7 billon, 2 billion came from Coppertone
Target market: women between the ages of 18-34
Product attribute: UVB/UVA, water resistant spray/lotion/stick/ SPF15-100 Top Trends for Hawaiian Tropic market share : 9.39 %
target market: female between the ages of 34-44
product attributes - SPF 30 - 100
sunscreen/ lotion / stick/ liquid/ sport protection/ oil free/ light weight/ non fragrance

promotion: advertisement for Neutrogena's sun line. Including celebrity endorsement with Hayden Pannettiere and Jennifer Garner

Advertise themselves as " The #1 dermatologist recommended suncare brand"

strong facebook and twtter presences.
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