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Heat and Technology Timeline

No description

Trixie A

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Heat and Technology Timeline

By: Trixie Adra Heat and Technology Timeline 7000 B.C. 1600s Humans create fire. After witnessing fire made by lightning, they discovered its properties and discovered how to create a new fire with just a spark from the established fire. Then they found out how to create a spark from hitting two rocks together (friction). Like most human inventions, starting a fire came after fire already existed. Romans develop central heating (called hypocaust)- heat travels from one source to different areas of a building. They were built to create heat as well as to distribute it to the public washrooms. 100 B.C. Chimneys first appear in Europe. They were built to ventilate hot gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphere.

A.D. 1200 Fireplaces with chimneys are built into the walls of buildings. 1300s The Caloric Theory is created. The Caloric Theory is the theory that heat is fluid and flows from hotter bodies (objects) to colder ones. 1700s Cast-iron stoves heat rooms evenly; heat does not escape up the chimney. Late 1700s Central heating reappears- using coal. 1800s Forced-air heating. This system requires vents to transfer the heat (air distribution). 1906 Electric heaters. Electric energy is converted to heat. THE END!! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_was_fire_created http://romantech.wikispaces.com/A+-+Hypocausts http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimney The world’s first ice-calorimeter
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