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Philosophy of Violent Media, Fall 2018

Violent Sports, Spirituality, Catharsis, and Intersubjectivity

Joshua Baron

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Philosophy of Violent Media, Fall 2018

Violent Sports, Catharsis Through Spirituality and Intersubjectivity
What is your favorite sport?
What about your favorite sport, if anything, is violent?
What sport, that you know of, is the most violent? Why?
Why do you think people enjoy watching and attending violent sporting events?
Theory of Spirituality: We love violent sports because they have familiar religious, spiritual, and metaphysical qualities that consume and absorb us in our desire to connect more deeply with life, death, and immortality.

For example, American Football, like Roman and Aztec gladiatorial combat, has a number of religious, spiritual, and metaphysical aspects:
Sacrifice and Immortality
Rituals and Scripts
Dances, Costumes, and Props
Stars and Heroes, Spectators and Community
Romans, Aztecs, and the NFL
NFL Gladiators
Gladiators sacrificed their lives.
How is sacrifice part of American football?
Gladiators’ deaths were seen as communicating with the dead.
How is immortality part of American football?
There was a lot of ceremonial ritual that went with gladiatorial combat.
What rituals go with American football?
Gladiator fights were often scripted stories.
How is American football scripted?
Any dancing in American football?
Any costumes in American football?
Any key props or sacred items in American football?
Stars and Heroes
Does American football create stars and heroes that become almost god-like?
Spectators and Community
Do fans feel connected to each other, teams, and players?
Violent Sports
Theory of Catharsis/Katharsis
We enjoy violent media because it allows us to purge emotions.
Violent Sports and Catharsis
Other Sports?
Other Theories?
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