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share.knowledge v4

concept 4.0

Rakesh Kasturi

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of share.knowledge v4

"..what their clients say about them-" Market Analysis Be Big First "here's some news
from the HR Mgr..." Training Needs Report Notes: improve our efficiency To cut a long story short,
can... adapt quickly to our changing
needs share knowledge with
my analysts and offer value for money Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? CEO's competition has increased desk Costs of running my company are rising... We need improved processes
to serve our clients better We could use
some perspective! Training/retaining people
is a challenge hardware costs New Technology
Challenges It's moving into the cloud Result... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ knowledge partner from a... BCOV S1 soak up the sunshine The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us. This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and Travels to Clients Travels to clients to get to know them
Build report over lunch, dinner & golf events
Uses Social Media to find new leads
Closes deals face-to-face to relay commitment ` SFDC 10-K The other day, a friend told me about Infocareer... SlideRocket a-synchronous selling tool LinkedIn as a Sales Tool EchoSign - eSignatures for contracts Step 4: Implement a weekly training program Step 1: Elements of a SaaS Sales Machine Training: Coach your team! Due to high amount of changes in our field we can no longer rely on training institutions, this is the coach responsibility Provocative Meeting Prep Story Telling Using Prezi One Hour per week Skills: The Best and the Rest Tools Skills Methodology Skills (vs. annual 3-day training) Ryals and Davies identified 8 types of salespeople of which only 3 were consistently effective. The Effective Minority Meeting Preparation
Customer Interaction
Company Presentation
Presentation & Rapport
The Sales Pitch
Story Telling
Rising to the Challenge WHAT EXPERTS DO BEST These are the skills that we must teach ! Visualization of the effective minority shows the corresponding behaviors of the most effective salespeople. Experts (9%) are good at all 7 skills. Consultants (15%) listen well and are good problem solvers. and Closers (13%) can pull off a big product sale, but their smooth-talking style does not work as well for selling services Experts! Selling SaaS in the Enterprise Methodology Training Tools Hire and develop along Web-Selling Skills Organize Skills Consultative with Provocative approach Latest in asynchronous selling tools Weekly training sessions with coach Flat/Sport team like organization, compensated on Logo, Use and Seats Most corporations get stuck at 100-300 customers Step 2: Hire along new Skills RainKing - Get to the right prospects Most corporations get stuck at 100-300 customers Hubspot - All in one marketing SW This is the MyQHub LOGIN page This is the Main Exam page now i can
take a minute to from a with the right knowledge silicon valley, 10:00 AM "this just came in from the CFO's desk..." "Hi there..I'm the CEO of an E-commerce company in Silicon Valley and you're welcome to join me at my desk..." "...like any other day,
I'm facing quite a few challenges" so, it all boils down to this... "Infocareer partners with some of the best education providers..." "I'm making an appointment rightaway to find out how my company can partner with Infocareer!" "So, I checked them out..." in processes,technology Project Consulting Process Consulting Training ...their core competencies match my needs perfectly! "let's take a closer look at their clients" Chennai is India's Automobile & IT Hub Customized Project Planning & Execution including...
*Defining Metrics
*Establishing Frameworks
*Internal Audits
*Model based Gap analysis ISO, CMMI & other Information Security standards Implementing processes
across the
organization Customized process creation & definition Roadmap for
ISO 9001, ISO 27001 audits & CMMI appraisals Technology Consulting Product Development Business Process
Re-engineering Solution Architecture Complement to Inhouse Training Technical Training (PMI, ITIL, MSP) Soft skills Infocareer " Infocareer’s faculties and post training support by way of MyQHub has made a significant difference to the preparation of the PMP certification examination." Head of Training,
A Trans-national Manufacturing Organization. We are very happy to be associated with Infocareer since the last 3 years. Over this period, their consultants have provided excellent support in our efforts to go to market with new products well within the estimated time.

We look forward to a stronger relationship in years to come. CIO,
Large Middle Eastern Retail Firm "HAL Management Academy (HMA) would like to convey their sincere thanks to the Infocareer team for successful conduct of the 3 batches of Project Management (PMI) Training at HAL, as our Training partners." For more info, click over to their website... What about you? "I also got a chance to tryout their interface..." This is the Main Exam page ...and the User Homepage looks like this - tailormade for your needs! MyQHub training & Meet & partner with Infocareer you are enjoying a presentation contact : loop.e54@gmail.com www.infocareerindia.com "Infocareer partners with some of the best education providers..." www.infocareerindia.com
+91 44 2461 5049 / +91 44 2493 4171
No.38, Venkata Krishna Road, Sri Ram Nivas
Mandaveli, Chennai 600028
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