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Online Grading and Monitoring System Using any kinds of Gadg

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Edhen Lizardo

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Online Grading and Monitoring System Using any kinds of Gadg

Innovation have made possible for the operations of the computer easy enough in processing record systems such as, creation of data records, storing, filing and retrieval of data. Grading System is the most commonly used in computing and analysing the performance, talent and skills of students. It is the important record to keep even for the longest time for the referral and credentials of the student to enter their next level of attaining their goals. And it is the tract record that recognizes one student.
One of the biggest problem of our school was it has no standardized grading sheet which may lead to lost of records.
Background of the Problem
Specific Objectives
General and Specific Objectives
Overview of the Current State of the Technology
Online Grading and Monitoring System Using any Kinds of Gadgets with Facebook Notifications
Our proposal can help the professors to make their works easier and avoid the problems that they encountered. Our system can also serve as a storage, where students can see their past grades on the past semesters. The professors can easily record and update grades while the students can be easily aware.
Project Rationale
Problem Statement
General Objectives
Scope and Limitations
Having an Online Grading System for the professors can make their work easier. The system will automatically compute the grades even the quizzes, projects, assignments and examinations. And the Online Monitoring System can help the students to monitor the results of their quizzes, projects,.. and their final grades as well.
Our proposal has its goal to make the work of our professors easier and for the students to be more aware of their grades.
To make the use of the system easier to access.
To inform the students of the changes made to their grades
To build more connections between professors and students.
Did the STI College Tanauan have its own Online Grading and Monitoring System? Is it easy for the students to view their grades? Are the students aware of their grades for quizzes, assignments, projects and even their final grades? Is it easy for the professors to compute for the grades of their students?

Our system will covered the computations of quizzes, assignments, projects, exams and the final grade given by the professors to his/her students although some components maybe added by the user by his/her components. This also contain the monitoring or viewing of grades for the students to know the results of his/her quizzes, exams, etc. The professors can also post information that he/she wants to tell to his/her students by the means of Facebook Notifications which the students can see through the STI College Tanauan Facebook page.

Our system is limited to make the scheduling of the subject for the students. It doesn’t also concerned with the credited subject of a student if in case he/she is a transferee. Our system also has nothing to do with the pre-enrollment and assessment for the next semester.
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