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Miniature Pinschers

These are the type of dogs that are small and playful! :)

Stephanie Cerda

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Miniature Pinschers

These type of dogs enjoy exercise! Because they are small in size they can exercise outdoors or indoors. What do they enjoy to do? What kind of weather do they like? A Prezi Made by Stephanie Cerda Dogs! The Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher is a kind of dog! Miniature Pinschers are not miniature versions of Doberman pinschers. They are their own kind of breed and came to America long before the Doberman. They also originated in Germany. This type of dogs enjoy the summer heat. They love the outdoors. What type of weather do they not like? Miniature pinschers don't like the cold weather very much. They have low tolerance when it comes to winter. A video about Miniature pinschers! Pictures of Miniature Pinschers. Miniature pinscher fur colors are, Red Black and Rust, and chocolate and rust Back in Germany it was once called, Swerg pinscher They are classified as Toy Dogs because they weight about 5-10 pounds. These are pictures of my dog. Her name is Cinnamon I named her that because of the color she is. She is 6 years old. The End. Works Cited: www.animal.discovery.com www.akc.org www.dog-ovedience-review.com http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/miniaturepinscherphotos3.htm http://www.muamat.com/classifieds/127/posts/8_Pets_Animals/90_Dogs_Puppies/5769472_AKC_Miniature_Pinscher_Beautiful_Chocolate_Girl_Puppy_Min_Pin.html http://blog.hoigaardvillage.com/apartment-living/rescue-a-miniature-pinscher-at-hoigaard-village/ http://www.animal-photography.com/search/?search=miniature%20pinscher http://www.animal-photography.com/search/?search=miniature%20pinscher http://www.muamat.com/classifieds/127/posts/8_Pets_Animals/90_Dogs_Puppies/5769472_AKC_Miniature_Pinscher_Beautiful_Chocolate_Girl_Puppy_Min_Pin.html www.justdogbreeds.com
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